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What Should You Expect in An Air Conditioner Installation?

Are you tired of the frequent repairs to your old air conditioning unit? Or have you just purchased a new home and would want to ensure its comfort?

Either way, you should install a new air conditioning unit. Although these systems are made to last, they cannot last forever. At one point, replacing your old air conditioner will make more sense than continuing with its expensive, frequent repairs.

On the other hand, if you have just had a renovation or bought a new home, you must install a new unit to ensure you are comfortable. However, air conditioner installation isn’t just something you wake up to.

It involves a lot of planning and research to arrive at the best unit or get the best technician. You might have many expectations and seeing that purchasing an air conditioner or paying for the installation isn’t cheap, all your expectations must be met. So, what are these expectations?

Accurate System Sizing

One of the most important things to expect is a correctly sized air conditioner. If the air conditioning unit is oversized or undersized, it could result in energy wastage, costly breakdowns, uneven home cooling or heating, or increased wear and tear.

Therefore, it is recommended that the professionals perform Manual J load calculations to ensure the air conditioning system is perfectly sized for your home. Consulting a reliable AC company ensures you get the right unit, not larger or smaller.

Remember, the last thing you need is to replace the air conditioner because it cannot effectively cool your home or because short cycling has made it malfunction.

Qualified, Knowledgeable Technicians

When you have conducted thorough research before hiring an air conditioner installation professional, you expect they will install the system best. You also expect the technicians to answer any questions that you might have and even offer solid suggestions or recommendations.

If the professional cannot answer your questions, that should be a huge red flag. Licensed and experienced technicians bring quality workmanship and experience to every installation job.

Additionally, they have state-of-the-art tools and follow an elaborate procedure to ensure that the unit installed at your home will efficiently serve you. They know where to install devices such as thermostats and will even advise you on the best settings.

Efficient, Reliable AC Systems

For starters, always look to purchase an air conditioning unit that is Energy Star Certified. Further, ensure it has a higher SEER2 or HSPF2 for heat pumps. When you enlist the help of an AC repair professional before purchasing an air conditioner, you will likely end up with a quality system with a higher energy efficiency rating.

You also are most likely to get a unit with longer warranties that will help you cool your home comfortably, knowing that the manufacturer will repair the unit free of charge in case of any issue. However, you should give your air conditioner a maintenance service to ensure it can serve you longer.

Energy Savings and Several Years of Comfort

With quality air conditioner installation and regular maintenance, you can maximize the value of the air conditioning system. This will save you a fortune in heating and cooling bills while also helping you avert inconvenient breakdowns and expensive air conditioning service calls.

Since you have a quality air conditioning unit, it should serve you longer and better cool your home. The energy savings will further be complemented by the fact that you already have an energy-efficient unit. Hence, always involve an AC repair professional in the entire process until the unit is installed.

Ductwork Done Right

You should get value for your money when you hire professionals to install your air conditioner. This means that air ducts should be properly designed and installed. Even that highly efficient air conditioning unit cannot deliver optimally if you have air duct problems.

It is worth noting that the air ducts carry conditioned air from the air conditioner to other parts of your home. Any issues like many bends, leaks or perforations, dust, and high static pressure mean that the conditioned air will never reach other rooms of your home.

Professionals design the air ducts and help you choose the ideal material. If an AC was being retrofitted, they should inspect air ducts to see whether they need cleaning or sealing.

Remember, leaky air ducts impact airflow and result in energy wastage as the conditioned air escapes before reaching the intended rooms. This means that your air conditioner must put in extra effort to reach the thermostat’s set temperatures, increasing wear and tear.

Utility Rebates Made Easy

SRP and APS customers can save a fortune upon installing an energy-efficient mini split air conditioning system or a central air conditioning unit.

A reputable air conditioner installation company should handle your paperwork. If they don’t, they should be able to guide you along the entire process to ensure that you enjoy the rebates.

This makes the installation more affordable and even stress-free. Install an energy-efficient system with a higher SEER or Energy Star Rated to enjoy better rebates.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Air conditioning installation professionals go the extra mile to ensure you are happy and satisfied with your new air conditioner upgrades. They aim to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with their services.

Some companies offer work quality guarantees and even undertake to come for repairs if the installation doesn’t efficiently cool your home. You can rest assured that you’ll get a quality installation job for your new air conditioner or retrofits.

If a company cannot guarantee total satisfaction, you should consider looking for another one that does.

Have you just purchased a new home and would want to install an air conditioner for additional comfort? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott. Our trained professionals will help you choose the right unit and go as far as installing it at your new home.

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Scary Consequences Of Postponing or Ignoring Air Conditioning Service And What You Could Do To Avoid Them

Scary Consequences Of Postponing or Ignoring Air Conditioning Service And What You Could Do To Avoid Them

Scary things don’t necessarily happen on Halloween. They also can arise if you don’t accord your unit the required air conditioning service

Unlike the goblins and ghouls of Halloween, some air conditioning issues are real-world scares, and you probably want to avoid them altogether. Unfortunately, postponing failure to maintain the air conditioning unit could eventually result in these scary consequences.

The Scary Consequences of Postponing or Poor AC Maintenance

Refrigerant Leaks

The coolant plays a critical role in an air conditioning system. The refrigerant helps the unit cool the air. However, poor or improper maintenance of the AC can result in coolant leaks. This doesn’t just prevent the AC from cooling your home.

Coolant also can be dangerous if inhaled. Hence, you should have a professional inspect and patch the system.

High Energy Bills

Most key air conditioning maintenance activities ensure that your air conditioner operates efficiently. If you don’t have the unit serviced regularly, it will use more energy to keep your home at your preferred temperature. Hence, you’ll have to part ways with more money to pay for energy utility bills.

Unpleasant Odors

Failure to maintain the air conditioner also can result in pungent odors emanating from ducts and clogged filters. This might arise from mold growth or even dead critter and rodents in the ducts.

This typically arises in hot summers when these insects and rodents enter the air ducts to hide from the scorching heat. Unfortunately, they don’t always find their way back, eventually dying and leaving a pungent odor you’ll notice.

Scary Sounds

If your air conditioner has gone wrong without maintenance, you might start to hear it generate scary sounds. You may heat the compressor to produce a knocking sound, meaning the fan is loose.

Do you hear a loud screeching sound? No, that isn’t a vampire bat flying near AC. It indicates that a fan belt may be loose or worn out. This could also be a sign that fan motor bearings are shot. AC banging sounds are probably the scariest.

They point to issues like a loose spring, bolt, or screw. It could also indicate a serious problem with the blower assembly or motor. Bubbling sounds mean you are dealing with a refrigerant leak. No matter which, air conditioner sounds are undoubtedly scary.

Component Failure

You know that poor or lacking air conditioning service might make your system fail. Should this not happen, some components might fail prematurely because of poor maintenance. Such components include condenser coils, compressors, and other essential AC unit components.


If not properly maintained, the AC unit must work harder to cool your home. Unfortunately, this might make it prematurely break down.

This is not something you want. With Arizona’s scorching summers, this would even require the help of an emergency AC repair professional. One thing is for sure; emergency repairs aren’t cheap. Thus, give your air conditioner routine maintenance to prevent premature wear and tear.

Is There Something You Could Do To Avert These Scary AC Issues?

Yes, a lot. Understanding the importance of regular maintenance is critical. While you might feel you can service your AC all by yourself, there are many reasons you shouldn’t. Instead, enlist a professional to inspect the unit and service it.

But how can professionals help avert these scary air conditioning issues? Below are some of the activities a professional can undertake to ensure that your air conditioning unit is devoid of these nerve-wracking issues;

Changing Your Filters

Dirty air filters spell doom for your air conditioner. To begin with, a dirty filter is a clogged filter that blocks airflow into your home.

This means that thermostat set temperatures will not be achieved in record time. Additionally, the AC will use more energy to cool your indoor space if the filters are clogged. Unfortunately, this will result in high energy utility bills and frequent breakdowns. 

Insulating Your Home

Some basic home maintenance activities could be considered air conditioning service tasks. For example, insulating your homes and sealing any crevices and cracks where conditioned air might escape out or outer contaminated air might seep in 

prevents having to run the AC excessively. Remember, running the air conditioner excessively will result in breakdowns caused by overheating. An excellent example of such a breakdown is capacitor failure.

Lubricating Any Mechanical Parts

Another great task an AC repair technician will do during an air conditioning maintenance visit is lubricating the mechanical parts.

All the motors and fans need enough lubrication to ensure they run without hindrance. Running the system unlubricated exposes it to overheating and friction, resulting in premature wear and tear. The compressor also requires enough lubricant oil. This will prevent those scary screeching sounds and burning smells. 

Cleaning the Air Ducts

As mentioned above, critters, rodents, and other insects will find their way into the air ducts to shield themselves from the scorching heat.

These unwelcome creatures’ dropping might start rotting within the air ducts, where they are blown whenever you turn on your air conditioner.

This lowers your home’s indoor air quality. Unfortunately, some critters, insects, and rodents don’t find their way out of the ducts. Eventually, they die, leaving behind a pungent smell you will notice. With a regular duct cleaning service, you can avert this.

Regular Inspections

One of the other measures to avert these scary occurrences is to inspect your AC regularly. While you may feel confident doing this, you should leave it to professionals.

This is because they will perform the required repairs after they notice a problem during their air conditioning service and inspection visit. Remember, air conditioning repair work should always be left to a professional.

We Can Help

Are you looking for a reliable method of averting the above issues? We can help. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott for AC inspection and maintenance services that helps avoid these scary scenarios.

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Air Conditioning Service And Other Things That Ensure Your Unit Serves You Longer

Air Conditioning Service And Other Things That Ensure Your Unit Serves You Longer

Most homeowners venture into the heating and cooling systems market without knowing the fundamental aspect they seek.

All they want is a system that will serve for a long time and give them the advantage of sheltering their families from the harsh weather conditions of extreme heat and nerve-racking cold. This is why it is essential to have an air conditioning service professional guide you through what to look for concerning your home’s temperature needs.

These baseline factors, such as energy efficiency and the system’s BTU, are the core aspects that dictate how long your system lasts and the service it will offer your home.

Therefore, before investing in an HVAC system, ask yourself what your home need from the system to be conducive during harsh weather and which services will make it last longer. Below are some of the key things that impact the longevity of your HVAC system. 

The Type of Air Conditioner 

The type and brand of HVAC system you purchase are crucial to your system’s air conditioning service and life span. Therefore, ensure you choose a type that adequately provides your home with ideal temperatures.

Since the market has many types of air conditioning systems that vary from portable cooling devices to ceiling-installed systems, take your time to investigate all the types available and articulate your home’s temperature need to pick a system that covers them all.

Remember to factor in each system’s lifespan to pick the best for your home. 

Conversely, compare the different brands and models in the market. This will help you to pick the best and the best in the market.

However, when investigating the brands available, always ensure they are star energy certified and approved by the regulatory bodies. The other aspect to consider is the warranty of the system. Before putting your money in a system, review the terms and ensure it has a warranty period.

Finally, consult the manufacturer of your top two systems from the search to find out how well the system will operate in your climate since the operation will influence its lifespan. 

Timely Repairs and Regular HVAC Maintenance

An HVAC system is one of the most expensive appliances you, as a homeowner, will invest in. Therefore, knowing how to operate it efficiently and the factors contributing to a prolonged air conditioning service is advantageous.

Therefore, one of the things to get right is maintaining it regularly. While this might be the advice for all the systems in your home, it is beneficial for the HVAC system. 

To operate efficiently, the heating and cooling system depends on clean filters, unclogged ductwork, and good refrigerant quality and quantity. Therefore, during regular maintenance, the technician will ensure that all the systems are in the best condition to facilitate the efficient running of your system. 

Additionally, you should ensure that the worn-out parts are replaced at the right time to avoid causing the machine strain. A skilled technician will inform you of the progress of your HVAC and keep you updated on the parts that need immediate attention. Therefore, plan adequately to have these parts replaced promptly.

Routine Inspections

The other important that affects the life span of your air conditioning system is regular monitoring and servicing of the system. Monitoring and regular servicing of your air conditioning system by a professional keeps you updated on the performance of your system.

For instance, if your system has a developing problem that is not yet full-blown, the technician will monitor the progress of the part and keep you updated. Additionally, if a system is worn out but cannot change, the technician will keep you updated on its deterioration to avoid complete failure. Therefore, always with the manufacturer to get accurate information about your AC unit. 

Regularly servicing your air conditioning unit involves changing or refilling the refrigerant when necessary. This helps the system’s functionality by avoiding strain and thus facilitating a long-life span.

Notably, since the materials in the refrigerant are unsafe for human contact, servicing your system ensures that the refrigerant is handled by a technician and disposed of correctly, contributing to keeping your home and those in it safe.

Therefore, similar to maintenance, a professional should regularly service your system. Also, remember to keep a detailed account of all the needs and repairs needed for easy continuous servicing. 

Other Home Factors

Another factor that affects the life span of an HVAC system is the conditions in your home. Although you might choose an ideal system of the right size and BTU for your home, there are times when factors such as humidity and air pollutants vary.

The varying factors impact the system’s running and its life span. Therefore, you should consult an air conditioning service specialist on the signs to look out for. For example, if you notice that the components in your system have moisture condensation or have frozen, the evaporator coils need cleaning.

Therefore, immediately consult a professional to evaluate the system’s efficiency and fix the underlying issues. 

In addition, constant use and exposure to natural elements such as extreme heat and storms can also negatively impact the life span of your system.

Since your system has many mechanical parts, its constant operation leads to wear and tear, thus reducing your system’s life span. Additionally, when an HVAC system is exposed to natural elements such as extreme heat and salty water presence in the air, its life span reduces.

Although environmental factors such as weather and chemical in your area are factors you cannot control, it is best to know them since they prepare you when your HVAC system needs a replacement. 

Increasing the AC Unit’s Service Life is All About Maintenance

Ensuring the efficient operation of your HVAC system goes a long way in facilitating a long lifespan. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott for routine maintenance that saves you a fortune on air conditioner replacement.

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An Essential Guide to Air Conditioner Enzyme Cleaning from Your Air Conditioning Service Provider

An Essential Guide to Air Conditioner Enzyme Cleaning from Your Air Conditioning Service Provider

An air conditioning unit is essential to the comfort of your home, especially during the hot season. It gives you and your family a place to cool off after a long day in the sun and enjoy the rest of the day.

It also cleans the air you breathe and ensures it is free of contaminations such as dirt and dust. Therefore, you need an air conditioning service expert to clean your system and ensure your cooling system is healthy and clean.

In addition, for your system to function all year round, these services should happen regularly. Depending on your system’s dirty, the cleaning professional will choose the most suitable way to clean it.

What is Enzyme Cleaning?

Enzyme cleaning is an air conditioning method that uses biological processes to clean your system. Unlike other modes of air conditioning cleaning methods that depend on chemicals, this cleaning method uses biological aspects such as the use of non-pathogenic bacteria as catalysts.

There are three major types of enzymes used in air conditioner cleaning. They include lipase, protease, and amylase. These three enzymes work by breaking down different substances in your system. The lipase enzyme breaks down fats, protease breaks down protein, and the amylase enzyme breaks down starch.

Therefore, each enzyme breaks down different organic materials in your system, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals such as ammonia that can harm your system. It also eliminates the need for scrubbing your air conditioning system. Notably, enzyme cleaning is an ideal aircon cleaning system since it protects your system from harsh chemicals, thus prolonging its lifespan.

What Are the Notable Differences Between Enzyme Cleaning and Chemical Cleaning?

The most notable difference between enzyme cleaning and chemical cleaning is the process and the time it takes. In addition, the aftermath of these two cleaning processes carries a big difference you should consider before choosing the cleaning method for your air conditioning system.

Notably, there are three methods of cleaning. The first cleaning method is chemical cleaning which generally takes one hour and is effective for moderately dirty fan coils. Then, there is enzyme cleaning which also takes an hour to perform and is better suited for moderately contaminated fans.

Finally, the chemical overhaul cleaning takes an hour and a half for an air conditioning service technician. This method suits an exhaustive, highly effective, and thorough cleaning. Therefore, we will look at each process to better understand the difference between these two.

Chemical Cleaning

An air conditioning service technician uses a pressurized stream of chemical-based cleaners to soften and dislodge all the dirt in the system for an effective chemical cleaning process.

Since the process is very effective, cleaning a wall-mounted fan coil unit takes about an hour. During the cleaning process, the chemical cleaner removes mold and fungi efficiently.

After the specified time elapses, the technician uses clean water to remove any remaining chemical residue from the system. The water sweeps away all dislodged impurities from the coils and other systems parts.

Although most technicians use surface active ingredients and non-iconic compounds to dissolve oil deposits and remove scales from your unit’s heat transfer surfaces, these chemical compounds can harm your air conditioning unit. When used as a long-term cleaning method, chemical cleaning is harsh on your system and can cause irreparable damage.

Enzyme Cleaning

The first step in understanding enzyme cleaning is remembering that these are naturally occurring substances and that no living thing can survive without enzymes.

Most enzymes act as catalysts to naturally occurring biological processes, thus increasing the reaction time. Therefore, enzymes can either start a biological process or accelerate one already started.

Three types of enzymes help with biological processes. The first enzyme is lipase, which helps break down fats in your system. Protease helps break down protein substances in your air conditioner.

Finally, amylase is an enzyme that breaks down starch components in the system. Therefore, these naturally occurring substances in enzyme cleaning will help eliminate the need for scrubbing or using chemicals to clean your system.

Notably, most enzyme solutions have reverse-engineered the natural digestion process in the stomach to turn the food we consume into energy to manufacture solutions that are very effective for cleaning. This cleaning method is environmentally friendly and safe for your system.

Chemical Overhaul

A chemical overhaul cleaning is the most effective and exhaustive cleaning method. Most air conditioning service experts use it to clean grime and dirt from your system.

It also effectively removes mold, fungi, and other microorganisms that hide in your air conditioning system. Therefore, if you notice a foul smell in your system even after a technician performs a regular cleaning service for your air conditioning unit, this might indicate a more profound, more effective aircon cleaning method.

Some other signs that your system needs a chemical overhaul aircon cleaning service mainly remain visual such as the development and rapid spread of mold in your home.

However, you do not need to worry; a skilled technician will detect the symptoms during regular visits and inspections of your system and help you plan for a chemical overhaul.

During the overhaul process, the technician will unmount the unit from the wall and dismantle it. This will help the cleaning products to penetrate the unit and dislodge the dirt and grim. Generally, a single fan coil will take about an hour and a half.

Which Cleaning Method is Best?

When picking the suitable cleaning method for your air conditioning system, choosing the most natural and non-corrosive one is best. It will help protect your system, maintain its efficient operation, and prolong its lifespan.

Therefore, the best cleaning method for your aircon is enzyme cleaning. It contains no harmful chemicals and is not harsh to the system. Therefore, if you want to protect the environment and maintain the top-notch operation of your system, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott today for enzyme cleaning services.

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Are There Benefits to AC UV Disinfection? Insights from Your Reputed Air Conditioner Repair Company

Are There Benefits to AC UV Disinfection? Insights from Your Reputed Air Conditioner Repair Company

Most homeowners need to consider the necessary additions when purchasing a heating and cooling system. Most want a system that will solve their home’s heating and cooling problems and afford them the comfort they need.

In addition, they hire a reliable air conditioner repair specialist to keep the system operational through maintenance and replacing worn-out parts. However, when buying a heating and cooling system, you should consider additional accessories that make it operate better and, more so, give you energy efficiency to reduce your monthly electrical bill.

Some homeowners also incorporate UV lights when using the mini split system to cool their homes. But are UV lights worth it? This article will help answer this question as it explores more about UV disinfection.

What Is UV Disinfection? 

The first step in understanding if incorporating UV lights in your mini split system is knowing how to keep the accessory operational. UV disinfection is when a professional air conditioner repair technician uses UV light to sterilize surfaces.

The disinfecting light is installed under the cover of a mini split HVAC and connects to your home’s electrical control box through electrical wires. Since UV light emits various frequencies, it kills the bacteria and mold in your system.

Therefore, most homeowners use UV disinfection to minimize or prevent bacteria or mold growth. UV disinfection in your home can also eliminate odors and other toxins in your HVAC system. 

What are the Benefits of UV Disinfection?

After understanding what UV disinfection entails, the next step is knowing its benefits and if that is what your home needs. A UV disinfection sterilizes your interior space and the HVAC system offering a variety of benefits such as 

Optimizing Your Air Quality

Due to pollution and other factors, the environment around most homes, especially those found near urban areas, is polluted. In addition, the atmosphere is full of dust, dirt, and other pollutants that contaminate the air regularly.

When this air enters your home, these pollutants pollute your entire interior air. During regular operation, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system filters the air to give you clean, reliable, and comfortable breathing air. 

Occasionally, especially if your ductwork is not regularly cleaned by a reliable air conditioner repair technician, bacteria, dust, dirt, and other particles will accumulate in your air ducts and find their way into your breathing air. Consequently, these compounds decrease the quality of your indoor air quality.

Notably, these pollutants in your breathing air can result in breathing-related illnesses such as asthma. In addition, dust, dirt, and other airborne contaminants irritate allergies, making it harder for people with pre-existing respiratory diseases uncomfortable.

Therefore, incorporating UV disinfection in your home eliminates bacteria, dust, dirt, mold, and other airborne substances restoring indoor air quality. 

Minimizes Lingering Odors

Have you noticed a lingering unpleasant smell in your home that intensifies every time your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system runs? This might indicate the presence of dust, dirt, and mold in your system.

When a professional does not clean your HVAC system, these particles find their way into it. Over time, the particles accumulate in your filter and air ducts, causing an unpleasant smell. Consequently, when you turn on your air conditioning system, it blows toward your home. 

Conversely, since your ductwork is warm and dark, pests and insects such as rodents and cockroaches find it conducive to live in and hibernate, especially when your system is not in use.

Therefore, if a rodent dies and decays in your air ducts, it causes an untraceable unpleasant smell. Incorporating UV disinfection will help eliminate the particles and toxins in your system, thus decreasing the risk of lingering odors.

However, UV lights are not meant to substitute for regular maintenance from a skilled professional. They only make your system’s operation better and the maintenance process easier. 

Improves Efficiency

The other notable benefit of UV disinfection is improving your system’s efficiency. When your home’s air quality is low due to dirty filters and clogged air ducts, your mini-split system runs harder and more frequently to keep up with your home’s temperature requirements.

Consequently, the system draws more energy skyrocketing your energy consumption and monthly electrical bill. Additionally, consistent and harder running of your HVAC system can cause system failure due to overheating and breakdowns necessitating unnecessary air conditioner repair services. This digs deeper into your pocket and impacts your system’s life span.

Installing UV disinfection keeps the air in your home cleaner, thus preventing the system from running harder to filter the air. Consequently, UV lights contribute to less energy consumption, lower electrical bills, and a longer life span for your system.

Additionally, UV disinfection eliminates dust and dirt build-up in your duct system, which removes the potential obstruction of airflow to your home. With additional filtering and cleaning services, a mini-split HVAC system provides efficient heating and cooling services with minimal energy. 

Reduces Maintenance and Repair Costs 

The other benefit of having a technician incorporate UV disinfection in your system is that it reduces maintenance and repair costs. UV lights eradicate the airborne particles and contaminants from your system, which are the leading cause of breakdowns.

When dust, dirt, and mold accumulate in your HVAC system, it results in frequent breakdowns of your system due to inefficient running and strain of your system. Consequently, the repair costs for parts escalate whenever you need to call in a professional.

In contrast, UV disinfection reduces maintenance costs by reducing the components that necessitate regular maintenance, such as dust and dirt. Therefore, your AC’s vents are free of damage since they are clean.

Disinfect The Vents, Ducts, and Coils for a Higher IAQ

Indoor air quality is a critical part of air conditioning. When last did you have duct disinfection done? If you can’t recall or have never done or cleaned them, contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott for a professional duct, vent, and coils cleaning and disinfection.

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