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Benefits Of Checking Compressor Oil Levels During Air Conditioning Service | Flagstaff, AZ

Maintaining your air conditioning system is critical for continued comfort in your home. It ensures that any developing problems are caught before they worsen to the extent that you might have to replace some components of the unit or, even in the worst cases, the entire system. One of the components that the technician must check when they come for an air conditioning service is the AC compressor. The compressor is among your air conditioning unit’s most important and expensive components. It compresses the superheated refrigerant vapor and pumps it through the refrigerant lines of your air conditioning system to facilitate heat transfer from the hot air flowing over the evaporator coils. This process enables your home to be cooled. Inspections, cleaning, and checking the refrigerant quality and level are some of the maintenance services that the technician will offer. The professional must also ensure that the compressor is properly lubricated. Below are the main benefits of ensuring that your AC compressor is lubricated:

Reduced Friction and Wear

A compressor is a mechanical component in your air conditioning system. Hence, it has moving components such as the crankshaft. Thus, these elements require lubrication to ensure that they are running efficiently. Ensuring that the lubricant levels are checked and added if low or replaced if contaminated is an essential part of the air conditioning service. Lubricating the compressors reduces the wear and friction between these moving components of your HVAC compressor. If they aren’t lubricated properly, friction will arise between them, resulting in premature wearing out of the compressor. This will make your AC compressor completely break down eventually. As mentioned above, this is among the most expensive parts of your air conditioning system.

Improved Efficiency

Enough lubrication and a proper refrigerant flow ensure that your air conditioning compressor unit operates at peak efficiency. This translates to reduced energy consumption, resulting in lower electricity utility bills at the end of the month. Properly lubricated compressor components move efficiently and smoothly. This reduces the electrical power required to power the compressor. Besides seeing you save a fortune on utility bills, this also results in better cooling efficiency. Hence, your commercial or residential property will be comfortable and have high indoor air quality. However, this can only happen if the air conditioning service provider also services the other AC components.

Better Heat Transfer

A properly lubricated compressor can pump the refrigerant vapor into the lines. When the required refrigerant volume enters the evaporator coils in the right state, the heat transfer process happens seamlessly. This means your home will be cooled efficiently and cheaply. This heat transfer could be impeded if the compressor lubricant is contaminated or lacking. Remember, only the oil and the refrigerant are supposed to be in the compressor. Therefore, you must ensure that the technician checks the lubricant oil quality and levels when they come for an air conditioning service. If the lubricant is contaminated, they should empty it and refill the compressor with clean oil.

Noise Reduction

Have you heard a loud thumping or knocking when you turn in the air conditioner? That means that the compressor has a problem. If the compressor components aren’t lubricated, they will start producing grinding sounds as the metal components grind on each other. Whenever you hear this noise, that could mean that your unit has an issue. Unless checked by an air conditioning service provider immediately, that issue could exacerbate, leaving you with the only option of replacing the compressor.

Protection Against Corrosion

The compressor has elements made from metal and rubber. If the metallic parts aren’t properly lubricated, they might rust under the corrosive influence of the refrigerant. Unfortunately, this has a direct impact on the lifespan of your AC compressor. Additionally, the moisture might find its way into the compressor, resulting in corrosion and rusting. This further weakens the unit’s structure. Having the technician lubricate the compressor during the air conditioning service visit creates a barrier that protects the metallic parts from moisture and other harmful elements.

Extended Lifespan of Compressor Parts

As mentioned above, corrosion will arise if the compressor isn’t properly lubricated. The rusting and corrosion increase the rate of wear and tear on your unit, resulting in a premature breakdown. Fortunately, you can avoid this by ensuring that the compressor oil levels are checked whenever the technician comes for an air conditioning service. Lubrication can help extend compressor parts’ lifespan, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacement. If the components are lubricated properly, they will experience less damage, something that can extend the service life and reduce any likelihood of breakdowns.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

A well-lubricated compressor will be able to ensure that your air conditioner cools your home efficiently. Paired with clean air filters and ducts, you rest assured that your home will have enough airflow. This means only one thing, improved air quality. Proper lubrication also ensures that the compressor can pump enough refrigerant to produce sufficient cooled air. Hence, the air conditioner will run long enough to regulate indoor humidity. Although properly lubricated compressors must be paired with other air conditioning services, they all ultimately ensure that you have improved air quality.

Reduced Cooling Utility Bills

The other most impactful benefit of ensuring that an air conditioning service provider lubricates the compressor is that it will help your unit run efficiently. Combined with reduced power consumption, you’ll pay less for cooling. If the compressor lacks enough oil, it strains to cool your home to sufficient levels, resulting in high energy consumption. On the other hand, a well-lubricated compressor will operate efficiently, ensuring that you have a comfortably cooled home, albeit cheaply.

Proper lubrication is essential for the performance and longevity of HVAC compressors. Do you need a maintenance service? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott for a professional tune-up that includes checking the compressor oil levels.

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