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Your Air Conditioner Repair Technician’s Views On Installing Air Scrubbers | Prescott, AZ

IAQ greatly impacts your safety, health, and that of everybody at your home. Fortunately, there are different steps that you can take to ensure that you have great indoor air quality. One of them is having an air conditioner repair technician install an air conditioning system and maintain it. These systems are not only useful during the summers. They eliminate the contaminants from the air, regulate the humidity, and ensure great indoor air quality. Unfortunately, indoor air quality is one aspect that is easy to ignore until it becomes a problem. According to the EPA, indoor air might be much more polluted than outdoor.

Over the last several years, all kinds of businesses have struggled in environments where indoor pathogen transmission could upend their work. However, the risk is fading now, and homeowners are still interested in ensuring clean, fresh air. Mold bacteria and viruses may still infiltrate your HVAC system and result in potentially severe implications.

However, those results are only sometimes dramatic. But, your visitors and family members might start experiencing sick-building syndrome whenever they enter your home. With all the issues of poor indoor air quality and many other waiting, it is not surprising that various homeowners and facility managers are installing more efficient central air conditioners. Meticulously maintaining your air conditioning system is your first step towards ensuring this. However, there are additional options that you can leverage. One of them is having an air conditioner repair technician install an air scrubber in your home. Have you heard of this air conditioning accessory yet? If you haven’t, you are at the right place.

What’s an Air Scrubber?

This is a specialized device that an air conditioner repair technician in Prescott, AZ attaches directly to the air ducts of your heating and air conditioning system. Although air scrubbers were used mainly by mold remediation companies, modern devices can eliminate a wide range of contaminants from entering your air. Hence, they are a great addition to improving indoor air quality. The contaminants that an air scrubber can eliminate include:

  • Air pollution with large and tiny particles, including smoke, dust, and pet dander
  • Volatile organic molecules, such as those that some industrial chemicals off-gas
  • Odoriferous substances from a variety of sources reduce offensive odors
  • Mold spores.

Though the term “air scrubber” can be generically used, it refers to a brand called “Air Scrubber” that uses an in-built “ActivePure” technology. The technology combines specialized catalytic processes that use reactive metals and proprietary UV lights. Having an air conditioner repair technician install these devices on your ductwork will ensure that about 90% of the airborne pollutants are exposed and eliminated.

Additionally, it is an active device/system that releases secure, potent oxygen and hydrogen atom clusters as it functions. Instead of passing through a pure filtration system where impurities must pass, these “scrubbers” can flow via the ventilation and perform even more effort to remove pollutants from the air. An Air Scrubber is even more effective in getting rid of most germs on surfaces.

According to studies, it is efficient against common pathogens like MRSA, H1N1, and E. coli. The latter is among the most harmful gastrointestinal pathogens and can spread quickly without treatment. Although other filtering technologies are available, Air Scrubber’s potential rivals adopt a strategy motivated by the original concept. Air Scrubber is available in residential and commercial variants. Hence, have an air conditioner repair technician install the device in your system.

Installing an Air Scrubber

An air conditioner repair technician will easily install an air scrubber, which is also relatively easy. Before you purchase an air conditioner, ensure that you review the specifications of the product and ensure that your air ducts meet the basic standards needed for the efficient functioning of the air scrubber. It also should be sufficient for your home.

Does Your Commercial Space Need an Air Scrubber?

Air scrubbers draw very little power and are easy to maintain, meaning that the drawbacks of installing one or potentially several based on the layout of your facility is a. You can consult your air conditioner repair technician in Prescott, AZ about the size and brand. An Air Scrubber is one of several elements that can improve indoor air quality, but it won’t make or break it. An Air Scrubber is useful in any setting where air pollution is a prevalent problem.

Benefits of Installing an Air Scrubber

Manufacturers claim that air scrubbing systems are 50 times more effective in removing airborne germs than standard HVAC filtration systems. Within 30 minutes, they can remove 90% of the air contaminants. HVAC systems also collect airborne dust and filth. Scrubbers can eliminate tiny living things like bacteria. Systems that cleanse the air also eliminate smells and mold.

Spraying air fresheners into the air introduces chemicals and contaminants. By eliminating the pollutants, scrubbers help the air seem fresher naturally. The scrubber system’s charged ions eliminate microorganisms that cause odors and come from pets or rotten food. Additionally, they naturally mask any cooking odors. Scrubbers are an excellent choice for anyone with asthma or allergies because they remove most allergens from indoor air.

People living in the home will sleep better when the air is cleaner and lighter. Scrubber systems also have the advantage of promoting good health and well-being. Air scrubbers also increase HVAC systems’ lifespans. The HVAC system will work less hard as a result. This makes it more usable for longer while using less energy. Having an air conditioner repair technician install a home air scrubber may enable you to save money on HVAC upkeep and electricity.

Have you noticed that your indoor air quality has deteriorated in the recent past? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott, your reliable air conditioner repair company in Prescott, AZ. We will get your HVAC system working properly and install an air scrubber to eliminate pollutants, allergens, and odors.

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