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Why Your AC Repair Company Recommends Smart Thermostats | Sedona, AZ

Smart thermostats are very popular right now. With a smart thermostat, it’s easy to control room temperature from any location via a smartphone or device with internet access.

How Smart Thermostats Work?

Smart thermostats work in much the same way as conventional thermostats. They monitor and control indoor temperatures. However, smart thermostats are more versatile than traditional ones, and have programmable functions for pre-setting temperatures at different times of day. They can also be controlled and monitored via connected apps. As long as Wi-Fi is enabled, you can monitor the temperature and activity of your office or home in Sedona, AZ, from anywhere. Any reputable AC repair company is well-versed in the intricacies of setting up, maintaining, and replacing smart thermostats to make residents’ lives easier.

Connecting with Your Heating and Cooling System

Smart thermostats are wired in the same way as traditional thermostats, and so will require a professional AC repair company to inspect installations on a periodic basis to ensure safety. It is crucial to ensure that your smart thermostat is compatible with your HVAC system. This is particularly important if your home has an older HVAC system or you’ve upgraded to one that uses variable speed heating and cooling. Despite benefiting from a professional installation, it’s typically quite easy to ensure that your smart thermostat is capable of connecting with your HVAC system.

Controlling Your Smart Thermostat

A traditional thermostat can be used to control temperature and airflow throughout your home. Smart thermostats offer these same features, plus the benefit of being able to “learn” your preferences and apply them. Programming smart meters in advance allows you to set-and-forget your HVAC’s heating and cooling schedule.

Many systems have geo-fencing, which allows you to control the system’s turn on and off when you enter or exit a geo area. These features can be used to maximize your energy savings. If there are any issues with the smart thermostat programming, an AC repair company can investigate and help apply your preferences.

While you’re on vacation, you can turn your HVAC off, and remotely kick-start the heating or cooling just before you return home. This avoids wasting energy while the house is unoccupied and allows you to return to a comfortable home.

Automating Comfort Levels

Another reason that your AC repair company recommends smart thermostats is that they can be installed in multiple rooms, and they adjust the temperature according to the occupancy. In-built sensors can be used to eliminate hot and cold spots without requiring costly modifications to your ductwork. The temperature sensors are more advanced than those found in conventional thermostats. They can determine the temperature at set points in each room and not only the temperature at the thermostat.

Remote Diagnostics

Many smart thermostats can send out an alert to the homeowner when the HVAC system isn’t working as expected. Some can also be set up to alert your AC repair company, so that remote diagnostics can occur in advance, speeding up the time needed at your Sedona, AZ, property. With remote diagnostic tools in effect, you’ll need to set aside less of your day to let an HVAC contractor into your home to investigate and resolve any issues.

It’s worth noting that while your contractor can be given access to the alerts, they cannot make any changes to your HVAC system routines remotely. Your AC repair company can only monitor the condition of your HVAC system.

Tracking Energy Usage

The smart thermostat can track which days of the week and when you use the most energy. You can monitor your energy consumption to get valuable information. This will allow you to quickly adjust your programming to maximize your utility plan’s energy savings.

Touch Screen Display

Smart thermostats often have large touch screens that are intuitive and easy to read for both the contractors at your chosen AC repair company and for yourself and your family members. Most people can learn how to use their smart thermostats in just a few minutes. Smart thermostats are sleek, simple to navigate, and can be integrated into many decor styles.

Maintenance Reminders

You can also set reminders for routine maintenance and filter changes to help prevent costly repair fees. Both your thermostat and overall HVAC system require maintenance to continue operating at peak efficiency throughout the year.

Can I Install a Smart Thermostat Myself?

Although installing a smart thermostat can be done quickly, make sure to read the instructions before you start to avoid any complications. If you’re not confident about installing a new thermostat and are worried about causing accidental AC repair company fees through improper installation, call in a professional to help.

The installation process, in a nutshell, contains the following steps:

  1. Turning off your HVAC system’s power supply. This will protect you from equipment failures and blown fuses.
  2. Taking off the thermostat’s faceplate and making a note of wiring connections. The new thermostat may not be wired in the exact same manner as the old one. No assumptions should be made about lettering or wire color.
  3. Smart thermostats require the connection of a common wire to function. They often will not need a separate battery.
  4. When removing wires, make sure no wires touch.
  5. Place the base securely and match the wires to the right connections.
  6. After that is done, the face plate goes onto the base and the thermostat can be powered on. Follow the setup prompts. Set your thermostat according to the type of system in use.
  7. Lastly, connect the thermostat to the internet. An account for remote access is needed. You can now set up your geo zones and preferences.

Once your smart thermostat has been set up properly, you can enjoy the features it offers and begin to see savings on energy consumption all year. You can also prevent unnecessary DIY repairs, by allowing your AC repair company in Sedona, AZ, to monitor the alerts and make recommendations. Call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott now to get your new thermostat installation underway!

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