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Should You Have An AC Repair Company Install An HVAC Plenum? | Sedona, AZ

The ability to supply enough airflow into your home or building is among the most challenging aspects of an HVAC system. These systems also have to work effectively and efficiently in all temperature extremes. Fortunately, this is where the heating and air conditioning system’s plenum comes in. But what’s a plenum in an HVAC system? Do you need an AC repair company to install it in your AC system? As you might rightly know, an HVAC system consists of various parts, all working towards a single goal, ensuring that your home is comfortable. One of those components is a plenum. But can your HVAC system work without a plenum? Well, this article will elucidate what a plenum is, the various types of plenums, and the importance of a plenum in a heating and air conditioning system.

Why is a plenum critical to the efficient running of an HVAC system? You will learn about all that in this article. But first:

What’s a Plenum in a Cooling and Heating System?

Cooling and heating systems are all about air distribution and airflow. They also clean the air to ensure excellent indoor air quality. Another silent function is eliminating the humidity or regulating the moisture levels in the air. So, whether hot or cold air, the HVAC systems use air to ensure that your home is comfortable. Hence, you must ensure they are correctly functioning by enlisting an AC repair company for routine maintenance. For the heated or cooled air to reach the different parts of your Sedona, AZ home, the air ducts are an essential part.

But what ensures the needed airflow is achieved in your HVAC’s air ducts? This is where the HVAC’s plenum comes in. But what is it? A plenum is a section of your HVAC system that helps distribute air throughout the HVAC system. The air is forced into the ductwork through a plenum, distributed throughout the system, and, when necessary, expelled. Large industrial and commercial complexes often use it to lower energy costs and enhance air quality. To aid improve ventilation and lower humidity levels, plenums can also be utilized in residential houses.

Types of AC Plenums

HVAC plenums are generally of two types: return and supply plenums.

Supply Plenum

As its name goes, the HVAC supply plenum is a heating and cooling box used for distributing fresh and conditioned air onto a building or even expelling contaminated air outdoors. The supply plenum allows for an efficient, controlled exhaust and fresh air exchange. Therefore, a routine air conditioning service by a reliable AC repair company is critical to ensure that air is distributed correctly.

In other words, the supply plenum helps distribute the warm or cool air received from the system throughout all required spaces. Before the air is used for warming or cooling, it first passes through the supply plenum. This box, usually made of steel, cast iron, or aluminum and located at a low place in your house, can either be inside or outside. It has louvers that allow it to serve various parts of your home.

The Return Plenum

Return plenum also works exactly as its name suggests. It is used for returning the conditioned air into the heating and air conditioning system through the fans. The return plenum receives the air from the return vents in your system, cools or heats, and returns it to the vents and ducts for redistribution. Therefore, you should ensure an AC repair company regularly services it for proper functioning. You should know that an air filter is installed in the return plenum.

This guarantees that the air drawn back into the HVAC system is safe and clean. The second destination for the air is the return plenum box, which is joined to the return outlet of the furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner. The air previously heated or cooled by this unit then returns to the same air ducts and travels through your home to be heated by another component of your heating and cooling system. This can occur as often as once per day.

Importance of a Plenum in an HVAC System

Reducing Noise Levels

The other benefit of a plenum is that it can help reduce the HVAC noises. These essential components of your HVAC system distribute the air more evenly and quietly. Hence, they are ideal for sensitive environments or huge traffic areas. They are also beneficial for cooling as they can effectively draw the heated air away from the sections you need to chill. Do you live in an area where you don’t need noise? Have an AC repair company in Sedona, AZ install return and supply plenums.

Improving the Airflow

Plenums, be they return or supply, are critical in ensuring an improved airflow in your building’s or home’s HVAC system. This is because they help reduce humidity levels and create a comfortable environment for your office or home. Hence, you want them installed in your air ducts by a professional AC repair company. A better airflow is essential to ensure that you have an efficiently heated or cooled space. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that an AC repair company sends someone for maintenance.

Protects the HVAC System from Dirt

You must keep the air ducts clean if you use a forced-air cooling or heating system to stop tiny particles from entering the system. A plenum can prevent dirt and other particles from entering your home and HVAC system. They are perfect for usage in huge office buildings with heavy foot traffic. Do you need to cool or even heat such a space? Then, an AC repair company will install HVAC plenums for smooth and effective operation.

Install a Plenum!

As it can be noted, there are many advantages to installing an HVAC plenum. Do you need them installed at your Sedona, AZ home’s HVAC system? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott, your reliable AC repair company.

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