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Reasons To Have An AC Chemical Wash From Your Reliable AC Repair Company | Sedona, AZ

Climate changes and technological advances have made air conditioning systems necessary. An air conditioning unit not only makes the temperatures in your home adequate through every season of the year, but it also cleans the air ensuring your airflow quality is up to standard. Despite its many advantages, having an air conditioner in your home has many responsibilities, including maintaining the system in good condition. Notably, this has been made easier by the availability of an AC repair company that offers most of the services your system needs. As a result of the nature of its tasks, the air conditioning unit traps debris, dirt, and mold, which over time accumulate and hinder its effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the unit to facilitate its proper functioning. One of the best and most efficient ways is by enrolling in the services of a technician that uses a process referred to as a chemical wash.

What is Aircon Chemical Wash?

Air conditioner chemical washing is cleaning all the washable parts of an air conditioning unit with chemicals. The process involves partially or fully dismantling the external air conditioning unit and using chemical solutions, sprays, and water by a qualified AC repair company technician.

Reasons and Benefits of Aircon Chemical Washing

Properly Cleans the Evaporator

An air conditioning unit has many operational parts that help it operate flawlessly. One of those parts is the evaporator, whose condition directly affects your unit’s capability to perform its functions effectively. The evaporator works by helping turn the hot air from the outdoors into cool air circulated throughout your home by the AC unit. It also traps the dust and debris from the outdoors as the air passes through it. Therefore, dust and debris accumulate around the evaporator after some time. An AC repair company expert needs to clean it regularly to maintain the functionality of the evaporator since the accumulation will hinder the capability of the evaporator to provide sufficient cool air. When a trained AC repair company technician uses the chemical cleaning method, the chemical solution effectively flushes away all stubborn dust, dirt, and mold from the evaporator.

It Cleans the Air Filter Properly

The air filter is the other essential part of your air conditioning unit. Its primary purpose is to control the airflow quality of your home from the AC unit. However, as dust, debris, and other materials build up over the filter, they hinder its capability of cleaning the air. Therefore, if left unattended for long, the air recirculated into your home will have dust, debris, and other accumulated material. Notably, when the AC unit recirculates contaminated air, it affects air quality and poses a risk of breathing-related problems. Since dust and debris mostly build up on the air filter, it is usually the target of air conditioning cleaning. An experienced AC repair company will efficiently clean the air filter and restore airflow quality.

Preventing Condenser Freezing

The other significant benefit of cleaning having an AC repair company chemical clean your AC is its effectiveness in preventing your condenser from freezing. During regular operation, the condenser is responsible for cooling your house by receiving high-pressure gas and converting it into a liquid. During conversion, the heat transfer principle transfers the accumulated heat from the house. However, when the condenser freezes, it cannot perform the conversion; hence the system cannot cool your home.

Some of the primary causes of a freezing condenser are the buildup of materials such as dust and debris in the air filter, blocked air ducts, and malfunctioning fans. However, a deep chemical washing by a professional AC repair company will cater to all three causes of a freezing condenser. This method will clear the accumulation in the air filter, clean the blocked air ducts, and restore the airflow to your home. In addition, the chemical will wipe out all the hidden contaminants in the air ducts, thus ensuring your air quality is top-notch.

Preventing Leaks

The refrigerant, a liquid in an air conditioning unit, is crucial to the system’s seamless operation. It ensures the heat is transferred from the collected air from your home to the system and supplies the cool into the air leaving the system. Therefore, a given amount of refrigerant should be in the system for this process to occur effectively. However, if corrosions are inside the AC system, the refrigerant will leak, which can be hazardous.

Notably, the corrosion of the air conditioning system is caused by the accumulation of dust, debris, and other corrosive material in the system that stays unattended for a long time, especially near close to the refrigeration unit. The accumulated materials become toxic, which eats away at the system’s lining. However, this can be avoided by chemical cleaning services by a certified AC repair company. The technician will clean the materials before they build up, thus preventing the corrosion of your system.

Reduced Cost

In most cases, the high cost of maintaining an air conditioning unit is based on the running price and unforeseen repair costs. In addition, a low-efficiency team due to low maintenance hikes energy usage, which translates into high bills. However, you can reduce all these costs and eliminate some. For example, when an AC repair company regularly chemical cleans your system, its efficiency is maintained, thus lowering the additional energy usage. On the other hand, an expert will reduce the possibility of regular breakdowns. The technician will note and fix the problem before it escalates. Therefore, the cost of running your aircon is decreased significantly in the long run.

There are many reasons and benefits of chemical cleaning your AC unit. Although some may seem unnecessary, they go a long way to ensure your peace of mind and, most importantly, promote your family’s health. Therefore, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott for these services.

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