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Learning About HVAC Repair Safety From Your AC Repair Company | Flagstaff, AZ

Today, hazards are everywhere. You must follow the safety standards in your home or car, even when cooling in your kitchen. Your air conditioner and furnace are no different. Failure to follow the proper heating and cooling repair and installation protocols have serious hazards. For this reason, you should hire a licensed heating and AC repair company in Flagstaff, AZ for any repair, replacement, or installation job regarding your air conditioner. This is because you most likely don’t know the safety codes to follow when performing the repair job.

Serious Hazards with Your Furnace and Air Conditioning System

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The incomplete burning of carbon produces an odorless and colorless gas called carbon monoxide. It is lighter than air and can be naturally released during certain natural events, like a forest fire. CO can also be generated through human processes such as fuel combustion. Carbon monoxide can be produced by the exhaust of even relatively modest engines, such as lawnmowers and cars, as well as by gas stoves and furnaces. Because it doesn’t have any color or smell, carbon monoxide has been nicknamed the “silent killer.” If inhaled, carbon monoxide can be extremely hazardous and even prove fatal. According to the CDC, more than 430 people across the country lose their lives due to carbon monoxide poisoning each year. Approximately 50,000 people are treated in emergency rooms annually for accidental and unfortunate carbon monoxide poisoning. Hence, ensure that your HVAC system is inspected for CO leaks when the AC repair company sends a technician for routine maintenance.


If not properly handled, the refrigerant in your air conditioner also can prove dangerous. This usually happens whenever a refrigerant leaks in your heating and air conditioning system. If you or somebody else mishandles the air conditioner refrigerants,

they would suffer sight impairment or frostbite when the coolant comes into contact with their eyes or skin. Additionally, inhaling the refrigerant could result in asphyxiation, increased pulse rate, loss of coordination, and deeper respiration whenever the oxygen levels in the air reduce to between 12-14 % due to displacement. Hence, you should leave the AC charging to an AC repair company in Flagstaff, AZ rather than do it yourself.

Improper handling also can have a serious environmental risk because releasing the coolant into the air could damage the ozone layer. That is if you use a coolant with a very high global warming potential. Your reliable AC repair company technicians take specific steps to prevent and avoid these risks. For this reason, you should leave the refrigerant handling to them as you most likely don’t have the tools or experience to handle it. The technicians are trained and handle these coolants every time, meaning they are better positioned to do It right on the first instance.

Other Heating and Air Conditioning Safety Hazards


If your HVAC system is housed in an attic, a crawl space, or another closely enclosed place, falling is one of the most significant risks to the area. You should reconsider if you plan to undertake the HVAC repair task yourself. These areas have an extremely high risk of falling. There is a reason why professionals from the AC repair company take precautionary measures and have insurance plans for workplace accidents. If you trip and hurt yourself while trying an HVAC repair, you will incur another expense, the medical bills, and the problem you were trying to fix might not even be resolved. HVAC repair technicians will complete the job quickly and professionally.

Confined Spaces

According to OSHA, confined spaces are one of the most considerable hazards for the construction industry, and your HVAC system is no exception. As explained above, enclosed spaces present a substantial challenge and many hazards. With the HVAC system, if the unit is installed in a tight crawl space or a too-small attic, that could pose a problem. Not only will installing it in these spaces be challenging, but the repairs might be impossible and pose a higher risk of falls and accidents. Fortunately, the technicians from your reliable AC repair company can use their experience to ensure that any repair is affected, no matter where the unit is installed.

Electrical Hazards

HVAC maintenance and installation pose a considerable electrical danger to the technician. For instance, appliances like furnaces and air conditioners use electricity. Any professional AC repair company in Flagstaff, AZ uses a “lockout, tag out” or “LOTO” strategy to protect its technician from hazardous power overloads and maintain their safety and that of your home. Unless you are a trained professional, you should not try HVAC repairs because you’d be exposed to the dangers of electrocution, burns, and shocks.

Weather Problems

When it comes to HVAC repairs, the weather may present a slew of problems, especially those which must be done on the condensing unit of your HVAC system. For this reason, the technicians assess work conditions for the repair job, including weather, to determine if they can complete it on time. If the AC repair company determines that the replacement or repair cannot happen because of weather, they can reschedule the repair.

Keeping Your System Serviced as a Homeowner

As a homeowner, you should know that maintenance of any appliance is critical. Hence, you should retain the services of an AC repair company near you to be carrying the HVAC tune-ups from now and then. These maintenance services include cleaning the air ducts, replacing the air filters, lubricating the mechanical parts, and even inspecting the system for any issues. Don’t be hoodwinked into thinking there is an easy HVAC job that you can do yourself.

There are real hazards with the HVAC system at your home. Hence making the repairs yourself can pose a significant risk to you and your home. Therefore, you should leave those repairs to professionals. Do you need an AC repair, inspection, or maintenance? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott.

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