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Is It Time To Address HVAC Static Pressure? | AC Repair Company | Sedona, AZ

An HVAC system comprises many components, mechanical and electrical. However, any issues with any of these components will result in a reduced heating or cooling efficiency of the entire HVAC system. Whenever this happens, you will have to call an AC repair company to have the unit inspected to determine the cause of the problem. One of the issues the technicians might identify is static pressure, whether too high or too low. But what is static pressure? How is it a problem with your HVAC system? Well, static pressure refers to the resistance to airflow in your air ducts. It can reduce airflow or make the compressor work harder when cooling your Sedona, AZ home. So, how do you know you have a high or low static pressure issue at home?

Increase in Energy Bills

Have you noticed a sudden or sharp rise in your cooling or heating utility bills? That could mean that the HVAC system has an underlying problem. No matter what, your HVAC system will do all it can to ensure that your home’s thermostat-set temperatures are attained. When the HVAC system meets resistance, it puts in more effort to complete the task. Unfortunately, this extra effort means the unit must use more resources. Hence, you’ll end up paying more for cooling and heating bills. High static pressure in the air ducts could cause this. However, whether this or any other problem causes the increase in electricity bills, you should have an AC repair company check your system out. The HVAC system will break down eventually if it works hard for too long. If this breakdown cracks the heat exchanger for a furnace, well, you’ll have to replace the entire unit.

Your Home is Unevenly Cooled

Your home is unevenly cooled or heated when some areas aren’t cooled or heated to the temperatures you had set. Weak airflow to the affected areas of your home causes uneven cooling or heating—high static pressure results from airflow restrictions. Hence, uneven cooling in your home can result from high static pressure. It’s time for an AC repair company to look closely if you’ve noticed this issue in your Sedona, AZ home. The technicians will inspect your HVAC system and determine the source of the problem.

Failed Blower Motor or Compressor

Too high static pressure makes the HVAC system work harder than it usually does to cool the same space. Besides costing more energy utility bills, this also results in mechanical failure. This is because the unit will be straining to reach the thermostat set temperatures, meaning that it will run longer and harder. While you might decide to replace the blower motor or compressor, that will be counterproductive. The new component will suffer the same fate unless the problem that caused the damage is addressed. Hence, have an AC repair company inspect the system before the replacements. If they determine that the problem was caused by high static pressure, they will make some recommendations to ensure the new replacement parts don’t suffer the same fate.

The HVAC System Seems to Need More Repairs Nowadays

Another sign of high HVAC static pressure is when the system constantly requires repairs. Have you had an AC repair company repair the HVAC system, but you have to call them again because another component has failed? You should ask the technicians to consider measuring the pressure in the air ducts. High static pressure is a silent problem that could cost you a fortune in repeated repairs or even make you replace the system, thinking it is too small or too large for your home. Since the last thing you need is to pay for repairs that you could avoid, you should ensure that the static pressure in your air ducts is measured annually. If you have a static pressure problem, the AC repair company will recommend various adjustments and additions to the air ducts.

A Continued Discomfort

Is nowadays not feeling as comfortable as several months or years ago? That could be because there is reduced airflow in your indoor space. From low airflow to uneven temperatures at your home, static pressure issues cause issues that will make you uncomfortable at your home. These problems increase with the increase in static pressure. If it is feeling that your home is less comfortable than it earlier was, have the air ducts inspected by an AC repair company. The technicians will resolve any high or low static pressure they diagnose to ensure you enjoy staying at your home.

Water Leaking from Your HVAC System

Static pressure problems may affect your Sedona, AZ home’s heating and cooling systems if you’ve noticed water pooling around your house or on some parts of your HVAC system. Irrespective of whether the leaks are caused by the high static pressure issue or condensation on your unit, you should have an AC repair company take a look. Consider the potential risks that could arise when water and electrical power come into contact. Before scheduling a repair, find out from the professionals what safety precautions you should take.

A Noisy System

Loud mechanical sounds? Air rushing? Hearing whistling sounds in the air ducts? All these are signs that your HVAC system has an underlying problem. As mentioned above, the HVAC system will work harder to reach the thermostat-set temperatures if it encounters an issue such as airflow resistance. That’s why you might hear these sounds. If the blower motor runs at high speed, it will make more noise. Whenever this happens, it might be helpful to have the system inspected by an AC repair company. Meanwhile, you also may hear the system drawing the air into and out of the vents harder. This is because there is a more substantial draw.

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