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Inverter Vs Non-Inverter ACs According To Your Reliable Air Conditioner Installation Technician | Prescott Valley, AZ

Are you considering replacing your old AC or buying a new one to install in your home to beat the summer’s scorching heat? If yes, you might consider the key differences between the two leading types of ACs today. Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial air conditioner, you should consider and compare the features of a non-inverter and inverter AC. Remember, air conditioners use power, and you’d be spending a considerable amount on paying for the electricity bills for your cooling unit. Hence, you must make a smart choice when selecting one. Even after considering the various factors, you need to seek advice from an air conditioner installation company on the best unit based on your cooling requirements. After everything is said and done, you may have to decide between an inverter and a non-inverter ACs. Below are 5 key differences between the two:

Functionality and Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the first factor before purchasing a unit and calling an air conditioner installation technician to install it. Regarding energy efficiency, inverter air conditioning systems have the edge over non-inverter ACs. This is because non-inverter air conditioners remain in a loop of shutting off and starting up once they reach the thermostat-set temperatures. It means they’ll use electrical power whenever starting up the compressor. Unfortunately, this takes up more electrical energy.

In contrast, inverter air conditioners don’t entirely shut off. They send the compressor into hibernation until a need arises again. Hence, they use much less energy as they don’t have to start the compressor. Having an air conditioner installation technician help you replace the old non-inverter AC at your home with an inverting system could save up to sixty percent of the electrical usage. For this reason, most inverter ACs are energy-star rated.

Noise Levels

Inverter ACs use less power. Hence, they’re much quieter compared to non-inverter ACs. Their cooling and heating capacities vary depending on the outdoor and room temperatures. This avoids turning off and on abruptly. Hence, they won’t have a loud sound.

In contrast, non-inverter ACs are designed to turn off whenever the thermostat-set temperatures are reached and automatically activate when necessary. This creates a lot of noise. Are you looking for a quieter unit? Talk with your reliable air conditioner installation technician about installing an inverter air conditioning unit.

Operation of Non-Inverter and Inverter AC

Inverter air conditioning units are highly versatile, and this is because of the compressor system. The compressor functions depending on the thermostat and room settings. These units adjust their processes depending on the current room temperatures. If you are looking to purchase a unit that is a winner when it comes to performance, then buy an inverter AC. Combined with a professional air conditioner installation, you can rest assured that your home will be perfectly cooled with the least energy.

Non-inverter ACs will also do a great job. However, they operated on a fixed level. The compressors in these units are either on or off. This puts them below the inverter air conditioners regarding cooling power. However, this doesn’t mean the non-inverter ACs don’t cool your home. They operate as expected. You should consult your air conditioner installation technician and consider other factors before choosing a unit.

Technology in Non-Inverter and Inverter AC

Regarding technology, inverter air conditioners are smarter compared to non-inverter ones. The former is much better at temperature regulation and uses a smart technique that allows them to stay running even after reaching the desired temperatures. The compressor motor in inverter ACs doesn’t fully turn off. It only adjusts the power to match what’s needed. In contrast, non-inverter ACs work differently. When the required indoor temperature and humidity are met, they shut down and will have to restart when cooling is needed again, resulting in unnecessary electrical use. Hence, if you are looking for a smart AC, talk to your air conditioner installation technician about installing or replacing your older unit with an inverter AC unit.

Purchase and Installation Costs

From the two factors above, you can easily conclude that the inverter ACs rule over the non-inverter systems. However, what gives the inverter systems an edge over the non-inverter ones also makes them more expensive. This is why some homeowners choose non-inverter ACs. After all, they will still cool your home. Though non-inverter ACs may be inefficient energy use and noisy, they can still adequately cool your home.

If there is one factor that can result in you not purchasing an inverter AC unit, the price could be the answer. Those with limited budgets may choose a non-inverter air conditioner since the initial cost of an inverter AC is high. Further, the air conditioner installation costs when it comes to inverter ACs also pose a challenge as it is high. Although an inverter AC can cost more, it pays itself down in energy savings compared to a non-inverter AC.

Do Inverter Air Conditioners Save Money?

YES! If you are looking for a better investment choice and reliability, an inverter air conditioner should be your choice. With their compressor design, the inverter air conditioners don’t need to start up or shut off frequently. As mentioned above, the compressors in these units hibernate. Hence, these systems don’t have the electrical power used to start up non-inverter ACs.

Inverter air conditioners are also durable and last longer than non-inverter systems. The frequent shut-down and start-ups in non-inverter AC expose its components to wear and tear, making their lifespan considerably shorter than inverter units. Since you won’t call an air conditioner installation technician to replace your inverter unit soon, you save some money.

From the above, inverter ACs have an edge. Do you need more information about inverter and non-inverter ACs? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott for more information.

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