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When searching for a way to heat your home, the varieties in the market can be very challenging and confusing. This is why you need a clear stipulation on your home needs and budget before venturing into it. However, as a homeowner, you can always decide which heating solution is best for your home. That is why you only need to know what your home lacks and leave the how to solve it to a heating and AC repair company. For instance, hydronic floor heating is cost-effective and energy efficient. Therefore, the article will cover all there is to know about it to help you decide if it is a good fit for your home.

What is a Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating?

Hydronic radiant floor heating is an energy-efficient and cost-effective heating solution to warm your home. This system uses hot water from a radiant floor heating system as the heat source to heat your floors. This type of heating provides consistent, even heat throughout the designated space. Therefore, this makes it a great alternative to traditional heating methods that can be uneven in their heat distribution and even noisy. When a radiant heating floor system is installed by a seasoned heating and AC repair company, they will circulate the hot water through an array of pipes installed on the floor of your home.

Notably, although this seems similar to the electric radiant floor heating system, there is a significant difference between the two heating systems. While the radiant floor heating system uses hot water as the heat source, the electric radiant floor heating system uses electricity to produce heat. The hydronic radiant floor heating system is usually used in homes with tile or concrete floors since these floors are good conductors of heat.

How Does Hydronic Floor Heating Work?

The work of a hydronic floor heating system starts with a water heater or boiler, which heats the water. Most water heaters or boilers used on radiant heating floor systems can be powered by propane, natural gas, or electricity. When the water is heated to the desired temperatures, it is directed to the manifold. The manifold is the central distribution point for the heated water to different parts of your home. Once the manifold distributes the water in each pipe to other locations, it is pumped to the desired locations. The pipes distributing the hot water are usually made of copper or plastic. A heating professional installs them under your home flooring in a grid-like pattern.

The technician can install them in various ways, including under the subfloor, embedded in a concrete slab, or a thin layer of concrete placed over the subfloor. Notably, the pipes are controlled by a series of zone valves that control the water flow to each zone. During installation, a heating and AC repair company incorporates a circulation whose primary purpose is to regulate the hot water circulation in the pipes. The circulation pump works with a thermostat to ensure the water is heated to an adequate temperature and distributed evenly throughout your home. Since the thermostat controls the temperature of the water, it is controlled by a remote to achieve the needed temperatures. Therefore, you can adjust the water temperature to change your room temperature to your liking.

How Efficient is a Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating?

Hydronic radiant floor heating is very energy-efficient and cost-effective. This is because it generates and distributes energy immediately to its final destination. Therefore, this reduces the possibility of energy loss along the way. In addition, its distribution method eliminates the need for air blowers and air ducts. Finally, a hydronic radiant floor heating system can use an array of fuels as its source of power, which offers you the option to choose whichever is cheapest.

A hydronic radiant heating system is also more efficient than an electric radiant floor heating because it uses less voltage than its counterpart. In addition, since it works in combination with renewable energy sources, its efficiency is higher than electrical radiant floor heating. An electrical radiant floor heating system relies only on electricity to heat the floor, which is generally expensive. Moreover, hydronic radiant floor heating is considered more energy-efficient than traditional heating systems since it does not need air blowers and air ducts, which consume a lot of energy.

What Are the Benefits of a Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating?

Energy Efficient

As outlined earlier, hydronic floor heating is more energy-efficient than traditional heating methods. For starters, it does not lose energy between energy generation and reaching the floors of your home since it is distributed directly where you need it. In addition, it does not have many energy-intensive components, such as those in the traditional heating system. Therefore, its energy consumption is only for heating the water and powering the pump. Thus, its low energy consumption reflects your monthly energy bill, helping you save money.

Quiet Operation

Since hydronic floor heating does not have many moving parts, its operation is seamless and quiet. In addition, an AC repair company technician installs the pipes on your floor. Hence you cannot hear the heated water when it moves.

Provide Consistent and Even Heat

The circulation pump and thermostat in hydronic floor heating ensures that the hot water is evenly distributed in every zone. Therefore, each sector of your home receives a consistent and even heat distribution.

Longer Life Span

Due to its lack of many moving parts, hydronic floor heating has a longer lifespan than other heating systems. With adequate maintenance, the hydronic floor heating system last longer.

Hydronic floor heating is ideal if you are searching for a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to heat your home. It offers you many advantages and control over the heating of your home. Do you want to install a hydronic radiant floor heating system? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott today for installation and maintenance.

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When you look for a local AC repair company to help you with any current or potential AC problems you may have, it is not enough to simply get a bunch of references from people you know or even look online. A great AC repair company should have certain qualifications that make them the best in town. Because of this, in this article, we will cover which qualifications you should look for in an AC repair company to ensure you are going to receive only the best service possible. So, read on to find out what these qualifications are and how they can benefit you and your family. Let’s get started.


When you are looking for a reputable AC repair company to fix or provide maintenance to your home’s air conditioner, one of the first qualifications you should look for is the company’s experience. The longer a company has been in business, the more experienced and qualified it will be. While it is true that a new company may be fully qualified to take on any job, having been in business for a number of years speaks volumes about a company’s service. A company that is backed up by many years of experience has probably seen it all. They will know how to approach any number of AC problems and will know exactly how to repair them correctly the first time and all the time. So, don’t hesitate to ask any AC repair company you are looking to hire about their years of experience and remember, this is one time in which more is better.


One of the best ways to visualize an AC repair company‘s qualifications is by asking to see their license. Not their business license, which only authorizes them to work as a company, but their actual state-issued HVAC license. In order to get this license, all technicians must take and pass a state examination, as well as prove they have a certain amount of classroom and hands-on training. When asking for an AC repair company’s license, always make sure it is current because it must be renewed after a certain number of years to ensure the tech’s training is continuously updated. A company that can’t present this license for any of the techs who will be working on your air conditioner will not have one of the most important qualifications they require to do the job.

This also stands true for the AC repair company’s insurance policy. They should carry a general liability policy at the very minimum in case anything happens during the course of the work at your home. It is to be expected that accidents can happen, so when the company carries a solid liability policy, you can rest easy knowing that, no matter what, you will be covered too.


One of the most popular and effective ways of getting a good feel for whether a repair company has the required qualifications for your job is to look at what other people are saying about them online. The best companies will have a 4.5-star rating at the very least, but keep in mind that you should look for businesses that have at least 50 reviews. While not all of them might be positive, you can take a look at how they handled the negative ones to get a good idea of how important their customer service is to them. A company with a 5-star rating but only a couple of reviews has probably not been in business long enough to have acquired the amount of experience they need to deal with your air conditioner’s problems. So, take a good look, and make notes about what you read in order to make an informed decision.


Any company that stands by the work they do will always put its money where its mouth is, and there is no better way to prove this than by offering a solid warranty on any work they do. Don’t hesitate to ask about a certain company’s warranty, what it includes, how long it will be in place, and what conditions are required to enforce it. The better the warranty is, the higher quality you can expect of any repairs they perform. You should also ask whether their warranty covers both parts and labor. Sometimes the manufacturer of the parts will offer its own warranty, so make a point of asking about this. In the long run, it will be in your best interest to do so.


Being qualified to do a job is not only about experience and knowledge; it also has to do with customer service and communication. If a company answers emails and calls promptly, lets you know if they will be a few minutes late, and communicates any information you request in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, you can be sure you have found a winner. Oftentimes, businesses are too occupied to take the time to communicate effectively with their customers without realizing that this is the one thing that could make or break a deal as quickly as you can imagine.

When your needs require hiring the most qualified and experienced AC repair company, your best option is to call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott, where you will find the experience, knowledge, and most up-to-date techniques to ensure your air conditioner runs as efficiently as it should, helping you to combat the hardships of the Arizona heat. So, if your air conditioner is acting up, or you are planning your annual maintenance program, don’t hesitate to pick up your phone and give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott a call today!

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The Importance of Choosing a Reliable AC Repair Company

The Importance of Choosing a Reliable AC Repair Company

During the summer, you may require a reliable air conditioning system for your comfort and safety. Air conditioning systems may break down or malfunction, so choosing a reliable company is essential. Selecting a company requires a lot of effort and sufficient research. You should consider various factors if looking for the right AC repair company.

Considerations When Choosing a Reliable Company

Here are some factors you should consider to make the right choice when selecting a company to repair your AC:

Qualifications and Experience

Its workers’ experience and qualifications determine the quality of service a company offers. You should select a company with a team of certified technicians with a proven track record of success. Picking unqualified service providers to save on cash may end up causing more harm than good. Your AC may require more repairs, which may be more severe and expensive. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott has highly trained professionals offering high-quality AC repair services.

Licensing and Insurance

It’s essential to check whether the AC repair firm is licensed and insured. A license indicates that a company has met certain standards and requirements that guarantee it can handle air conditioning issues effectively. Insurance is vital in covering any damages during the repair process.


Your AC may break down when you least expect it, prompting the necessity for an emergency repair. You need to choose a company that offers emergency services and responds quickly. Emergency services prevent long-term discomfort in your home and prevent more severe damage that could make the air conditioner break down completely.

Transparent Pricing

A reliable AC repair firm should be transparent about its services and pricing. Look for a company that provides upfront pricing and has no hidden fees. This can help you avoid unexpected costs and ensure you get the best value for your money. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott clearly outlines its prices and ensures clients know what they’re paying for.

Customer Service

Customer service is essential in guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Identify a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and has a friendly and knowledgeable staff. A company that values clients can provide a positive experience and meet your needs. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott is known for providing excellent customer service through friendly client interactions.

Energy Efficiency

A good AC maintenance company offers guidance on optimizing your AC system for energy efficiency. Find a company that can provide tips or recommends energy-efficient upgrades to help maintain your AC unit. This will help save money on your energy bills in the long run.

Local Business

Choosing a local AC maintenance company can benefit your community. A locally accessible service provider is also convenient since they can quickly avail personnel at your premises to assist in fixing your AC issues. A company that prioritizes ethical business practices and contributes to a positive and sustainable local economy can provide high-quality service while supporting your community. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott is easily accessible to clients availing their services whenever needed.

Benefits of Quality AC Repair

Various benefits result from choosing a reliable AC repair company. These include:

Extended AC Unit Lifespan

Regular repairs and maintenance help prevent breakdowns and extend your AC unit’s lifespan. Choosing a good company will ensure that problems with your AC are identified and fixed before they become major problems, saving you time and money.

Peace of Mind

Leaving your AC unit under the care of professionals alleviates stress and anxiety regarding potential breakdowns or malfunctions. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your life, making you more productive.

Positive Experience

A reliable AC repair firm provides excellent customer service, resulting in a positive experience. Choosing the wrong company will cause excessive spending on hidden fees and additional damages. Also, if you select a less qualified company that makes ineffective repairs, the AC unit may break down more frequently, and you will spend more on making the repairs.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

A well-maintained AC functions effectively, keeping the indoor air fresh and clean. The AC repair professionals ensure your AC unit operates properly by cleaning or replacing air filters and removing dust and debris from your AC system. This helps reduce allergens in the air, making your indoor environment healthier and more comfortable.

Home Safety

A faulty air conditioner can pose a risk of short-circuiting your wiring and cause an electrical fire. Hiring a professional to repair your AC reduces the possibility of damaging your wiring and other appliances. An AC repair company employs certified technicians that ensure your AC unit is in good condition and safe for operation.

Signs That You Need AC Repair

Knowing when to call an AC repair company can save you time, money, and frustration. Here are four signs that indicate you need AC repair and why they should not be ignored.

Poor Airflow

If you notice that the air from your vents is weak or not as cool as it should be, it may be a sign that your AC system is malfunctioning. Various issues, such as a clogged air filter, a malfunctioning compressor, or a refrigerant leak, can cause this. Ignoring poor airflow can lead to further damage to your AC system.

Strange Noises

Strange noises coming from your AC system can indicate something is wrong. If you hear banging, rattling, or grinding noises, it may indicate a loose or broken part in your AC system. Ignoring these noises can lead to further damage and potentially costly repairs.

Foul Odors

Foul odors coming from your AC system can be a sign of mold or mildew growth. Various factors, such as a clogged air filter or a dirty evaporator coil, can cause this. Ignoring foul odors can lead to poor indoor air quality and potential health issues.

Our company, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott, offers professional AC repair services. Our employees are professionals with many years of experience. To get access to our services, visit us or call us today.

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Knowing When You Should Call A Reputable AC Repair Company

Knowing When You Should Call A Reputable AC Repair Company

One of the biggest parts of air conditioner ownership is that you become so accustomed to it always working that you take it for granted. As a matter of fact, you might not even notice anything is wrong until your unit is about to suffer a catastrophic malfunction, and the signs are so patently obvious there is no way to ignore them any longer. As homeowners know, the signs of wear and tear in their air conditioners can sometimes be subtle and difficult to notice, so they should schedule a solid maintenance program with a reputable AC repair company at least once a year.

However, the subtle signs of AC malfunction can go undetected, leading to your unit breaking down. In these cases, calling an AC repair company promptly will ensure your air conditioner continues working efficiently and effectively, especially during the hottest days of the year. In this article, we will cover certain signs that will help you know it’s time to call an AC repair company to inspect your unit and repair it as necessary. Let’s get started.

Your Unit Has Stopped Working Completely

There are many reasons why your air conditioner might stop working completely. One of them is a tripped breaker. However, if your air conditioner still refuses to work after you have reset the breaker, you are going to have to call a professional AC repair company for help. Don’t attempt to fix the problem yourself unless you have formal training. You may think you will save money, but you may cause irreparable damage to your unit, your home, and yourself, so call the pros for an appropriate diagnosis and the repair of your unit.

Not Enough Air Is Flowing From Your Vents

If not enough cool air is flowing from your vents, it could be a good indicator of something clogging your ducts. This is a major problem that, if left unattended, can result in an overheating unit, leading to a catastrophic malfunction. Remember that replacing your home’s air conditioner is an expense you probably haven’t budgeted for at this point. As soon as you notice the reduced flow, call a reputable AC repair company for help.

Your Unit Is Making Loud Noises

No, that’s not your neighbor’s son playing his guitar in the garage; that loud knocking, screeching, banging, and gurgling you hear coming from your AC vents are a sign of trouble brewing deep within your unit. Of course, you should always expect an air conditioner to make some noise, especially when it turns on at the start of a cycle, but there is a difference between normal noises and abnormally loud ones. When you hear your air conditioner making strange sounds, don’t wait and call an AC repair company right away.

Your Unit Is No Longer Cooling

Wait… is that warm air you felt coming out of your vents? If it is, your air conditioner is letting you know it’s in trouble, and you should call an AC repair company right away. Do not try to fix the problem yourself, and don’t wait for later to call. This situation can quickly turn sour, and you don’t want your family sitting around sweating in scorching temperatures.

Your Power Bill Gets Higher Every Month

One of the most overlooked facts about air conditioner ownership is that the longer you ignore any signs of trouble, or the longer you go without providing maintenance to your system, the more power it will need to work. Forget about it working efficiently. It will need more power just to get by. If you have started noticing a steady increase in your power bill without using more electricity than you usually do, the culprit could be your air conditioner. So, give an AC repair company a call and have it inspected for signs of a problem. As soon as it is repaired, you will start seeing an improvement in your power bill, so don’t wait around for it to break down completely, and get help as soon as you can.

Your Unit Is Short Cycling

If you have never heard this term, it can be easily described as turning on and off frequently. This means your unit is having trouble performing efficiently and could increase your power bill and damage to your unit. This type of problem could be caused by trouble with your thermostat, a low level of cooling fluid, or even because of a clogged filter. While the solution may be simple, you should never attempt to repair it yourself. You will always be better off calling a professional for help instead of running the risk of further damaging your home’s air conditioning system, which could result in even costlier repairs. If anything, remember that allowing any air conditioner problems to fester will not result in a spontaneous repair and could require a complete unit replacement that might put you in a financial bind.

The last thing anybody could want is for their air conditioner to break down in the middle of the summer months. If your home’s air conditioner is giving your signals that something is wrong, it could be time to call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott, the area’s foremost AC repair company, for help. With many years of experience in the industry, you can be sure that we will always be happy to help you cool your home as quickly as possible while avoiding the consequences of exposing your family to extremely hot temperatures. So, if your AC has started acting up, don’t wait too long and give One Hour Air Conditioning Heating of Prescott and call immediately!

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How Can an AC Repair Company Help You Ventilate a Windowless Room?

How Can an AC Repair Company Help You Ventilate a Windowless Room?

The ventilation system in your home, whether newly installed by an AC repair company or from many years back, helps maintain a fresh air supply from the outdoors to your home. In addition, ventilation plays a vital role in disposing of excess moisture, air, and pollutants from your home. Therefore, although most homeowners rarely consider the condition of their ventilations or even know they operate, ventilations are a core factor in maintaining your home’s air quality and the health of your family members. Therefore, you should always ensure that your ventilation system is clean and operational by hiring a qualified professional. But how do you ventilate a room without windows? It can be a challenging situation to deal with. Whether it is your basement, garage, or windowless bathroom, ventilation installation is needed to prevent the room from stagnant air buildup.

What is the Importance of a Ventilation System?

Before knowing how to ventilate a windowless room, it is crucial to understand why the space needs ventilation in the first place. For starters, a ventilation system helps you to your home’s indoor air quality. The ventilation removes excess hot air, moisture, pollutants, and stale air from your home and brings in fresh air from your environment. Therefore, a properly installed ventilation system prevents effects such as a buildup of harmful substances such as pollutants, mold, and allergens.

Moreover, when installed by a qualified technician, a ventilation system will regulate your home’s indoor temperature and reduce the moisture in your home. In turn, this eliminates the ideal conditions for mold and mildew development. Therefore, proper ventilation will help you reduce indoor air pollution, which causes health problems such as allergies, headaches, and breathing-related issues.

Which Are the Available Ventilation Types?

The second step to understanding the methods of ventilating a windowless room is to know the different types of ventilation available in the market. They include;

Natural Ventilation

This type of ventilation uses natural methods such as wind and temperature imbalance to provide ventilation to your home. Therefore, in simpler terms, this is the flow of air from outdoors through open doors and windows of your home. Since this type usually depends on natural factors such as wind direction and speed, it is highly uncontrollable. It is also impacted by factors such as surrounding landscape and weather changes.

Mechanical Ventilation

In this type, the airflow in and out of your home is controlled by a well-laid system of fans, ducts, and filters by an AC repair professional. Unlike natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation offers more airflow rate control since it is independent of natural factors such as wind.

Hybrid Ventilation

It is a combination of both natural and mechanical ventilation’s best features. Therefore, it offers your home a more effective and efficient ventilation solution than its counterparts.

How Do You Maximize Ventilation Effectiveness?

Your ventilation method should be good for your home and your pocket. Consult an AC repair professional to help you select a method that will satisfactorily meet your needs. In addition, pick a method that is within your budget. Regardless of the method you choose, there are available ways to maximize the effectiveness of your ventilation system. Some of them include the following;


The first step to ensure you get the best out of your system’s efficiency and effectiveness is to maintain it regularly. A professional technician will clean the system and remove clogs leaving your ventilation system at its best.

Air Filters

Ensure you always use air filters with your ventilation system. The filters remove allergens and pollutants from your air. Therefore, your breathing air is safe for you and your family. The air filter will also help to keep your ventilation system effective since no pollutants or particles will clog the vents.


The other helpful step in achieving effectiveness in your ventilation system is insulating the ventilation system. An insulated ventilation system helps reduce energy costs and prevent heat loss.

Use Portable Air Purifiers

An air purifier is a great option for your windowless room. These small portable gadgets constantly supply fresh air. A portable air purifier removes allergens and pollutants from the air and gives off fresh air in a timed sequence. Their major advantage is that there is no installation cost associated with portable air purifiers; therefore, you will not incur the purchase cost. In addition, these gadgets can be moved from one room to another. Consequently, they can serve multiple rooms. It is best to consult an AC repair professional for your home’s best portable air purifiers.

Use Add-on Methods

Using add-on methods such as dehumidifiers and portable air purifiers in conjunction with your ventilation system will help maintain optimal indoor air quality.

Multiple Location

Enjoying a comfortable home with an effective ventilation system is facilitated by installing different ventilation systems in multiple locations. An array of ventilation systems in your home promotes a consistent airflow from one corner of your home to the other.

Use Building Materials with Perforations

Most of the above methods could be more efficient when looking for a permanent effective ventilation solution for a windowless room. However, using building materials with perforation in the room is. Most building materials with perforations are designed to allow airflow within them. Therefore, they provide a natural ventilation system to the room even with no windows. Apart from providing fresh air, this method also helps you regulate the room’s temperature. Consequently, the room will be warm in winter and very cool in summer. Some building materials you can use are perforated blocks or bricks on the ceiling or wall of the room for air to circulate.

Ventilating Windowless Rooms

Although ventilating a windowless room is challenging, it is not impossible. With the right professional help, your home will be comfortable, well-ventilated, and healthy, even without windows. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott today for more information or questions on ventilation systems.

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