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How To Improve IAQ In Commercial Space? | Air Conditioning Service | Flagstaff, AZ

Why is it important to improve indoor air quality in a commercial building? Can an air conditioning service provider help? No matter the type of office that you have, its indoor air quality is important. Besides the commercial indoor air quality is essential for the security, health, and overall well-being of the staff and employees, it also significantly affects their comfort and productivity. It means that your buildings’ tenants or office employees can suffer the unfavorable effects of poor IAQ. Poor indoor air quality can result in low student performance, higher chances of the school closing, and even low school performance. On the other hand, low indoor air quality will result in reduced employee performance because of uneasiness and disorder in your business.

Are There Any Effective Ways of Improving Indoor Air Quality?

You can take several steps to improve indoor air quality in your office or commercial space. Below are just but a few methods by which your reliable technician can help ensure that your commercial space has a high IAQ:

Installing an Air Conditioning System

The best method of regulating the IAQ in your commercial space is to have an air conditioning service install an AC unit. Any air blown into your rental apartments or office space will be filtered and safe for breathing. Hence, it will be devoid of airborne contaminants that could exacerbate asthma symptoms and flare-up allergies. This is the best way of enhancing indoor air quality in your commercial space. This is because the ACs also regulate the indoor moisture levels in your commercial space.

Changing Your AC Filter

Air conditioners always work towards giving your commercial space the perfect temperature throughout the year. While cooling the air, these ACs also filter out common airborne pollutants. Eventually, the filters will become clogged up and stop functioning efficiently. Not only will this result in poor indoor air quality, but it also damages the system, leading to costly air conditioning services in the future. Hence, you must ensure that you regularly change the AC filters or enlist in an AC maintenance plan that normally includes changing the filters.

Controlling Humidity

Moist and humid conditions at your office breed mildew and mold, which could trigger issues like asthma and allergies. The hot summer months could bring about highly humid conditions based on where your office is located. Although an air conditioner does a great job regulating the humidity, it can sometimes be overwhelmed by the excessive moisture in your office space. If you are experiencing this, you should have an air conditioning service provider install a dehumidifier to help the HVAC system regulate indoor humidity. In the cold seasons, the humidity levels fall below the recommended levels. Here, you need to have the professional install a humidifier to add moisture to your office.

Installing an Air Quality Monitor

Installing an air quality monitor in your commercial space can help you determine the purity of your air. When the air conditioning service installs this gadget, you can measure the PM2 levels of volatile organic compounds, temperature, and humidity in your indoor space. This means you can know when it’s time for AC maintenance, installing a humidifier or dehumidifier, or even changing the air filters.

Checking and Cleaning Any Mold

The presence of mold in your workplace, office, or commercial space poses a considerable threat to your employee’s respiratory health. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the indoor air quality monitor will identify mold. Unfortunately, mold spreads rapidly throughout your indoor space. However, you can detect mold if you see black spots near your HVAC system and whenever you smell a musty odor. Whenever you notice either of these signs, you should call an air conditioning service provider to inspect and clean any mold in your commercial building.

Installing an Air Purification System

Air sanitization can help diminish contaminants in your commercial space or office. Using an air filter for your heating and air conditioning system can help keep the particles from entering the vents and ducts and help decontaminate your office. Air purification systems use various methods to purify the air. Hence, picking one which addresses the problems of your office or commercial space is critical. It is advised that you seek the assistance of an air conditioning service provider in choosing a quality and durable air purification system.

Checking the Ventilation System

The air conditioning system ensures the workplace’s airflow. In light of this, the general state of your ventilation system will determine the air quality in the workplace. For instance, the office will have poor indoor air quality if the HVAC system design isn’t operating as it should due to clogged filters. Air circulation is crucial in the workplace since it is a shared space, unlike at home. Can you recall when you last cleaned the vents and air ducts? If you cannot, it might be time to hire an air conditioning service provider and have them cleaned.

Using HEPA and Ionic Filters

Besides cleaning or even changing the air filters, you can upgrade the filter system installed in your AC unit. There are many types of filters, including ionic and HEPA ones. These air filters are highly efficient in trapping and holding dust and other particles. Ionic filters are plates that attract old pollutants. However, the plates must be regularly cleaned to remain effective. You can also install HEPA filters that are finely woven to capture minute particles of up to 0.3 micrometers. However, consult your air conditioning service provider before purchasing the filter and have them install it.

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