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How An AC Repair Company Will Replace Your AC Motor | Prescott, AZ

An air conditioner uses motors for moving the refrigerant and air to remove any heat from your indoor setting. The motor is used for running the compressor that moves the compressor that moves refrigerant between the coils and measures that it condenses and evaporates, changing the pressure within the coils. The air conditioning motor might break down because of overheating, improper maintenance, or old age, resulting in the air conditioner becoming ineffective. Such a problem requires an AC repair company to inspect, diagnose, and repair. Below is a guide to how an AC repair technician replaces the motors in your air conditioning system.

Conducting an Inspection

The AC repair technician will inspect your AC unit to determine the kind of motor used by your air conditioner and how damaged it is. It helps determine the exact specifications of your replacement motor and the installation method. An inspection is critical since many HVAC brands have varying configurations. Hence, installing the wrong type of motor may damage the entire unit.

Switching the Power Off

Before doing any repairs, the power must be properly turned off. The disconnect panel and the shutdown button are typically located next to the air conditioner on the wall of your Prescott, AZ home. If the situation differs, the technician from the AC repair company will turn off the air conditioner’s power using the building’s main power panel. The technician takes this precaution when operating the unit to prevent electrocution.

Opening the Grille and Removing Clutter

Over time, the exterior condenser will unavoidably accumulate dust, leaves, dirt, and other debris. To make it simpler to open the grille, an AC repair company technician cleans the area. Now gently remove the protective grille, commonly known as the cover form, by removing the screws that hold it in place and then lifting the sides to take the grille away from the wall.

Cleaning the Air Conditioning Fins

Fins on air conditioners can easily bend and break because they are very delicate. The AC repair company uses a specially made fin comb for removing debris and dirt from the fins without harming them. A fin comb is a tool with soft bristles designed for delicately cleaning the fins in an air conditioning unit. The technician can easily remove the motor at this point because it is located directly beneath the fins.

Removing the Motor and the Wiring

Switches and wires connect the motor to the AC unit. The AC repair company’s technician carefully rinses the fins while avoiding pulling any cables that would damage the electrical system. The technician opens the switches and loosens the wires to remove the HVAC motor, its power lines, and mounting bolts. It’s time to repair the broken motor now that it’s been removed.

Replacing the Motor

Usually, the technician will swap out the motor with an identical stock motor purchased from a supply store. For the motor to remount precisely in the available bracket, it must match your old motor’s voltage, RPM, diameter, amp draw, and horsepower. To ensure proper wiring, the technician installs the motor with the correct rotation, either clockwise or counter-clockwise. The wire is connected, the switches are locked, and the motor is attached.

Final Touches

The AC repair company’s technician will install a new capacitor per the recommendations and ensure that the capacitor has a new rating for the motor. The AC’s grille is usually attached so that it encloses the unit. The technician will turn the AC unit back and ensure everything is working correctly.

Reasons to Leave Motor Replacement to a Professional

Avoiding Additional Damage

Your air conditioning system’s components are more likely to surpass their prime as it ages. In contrast, modern systems include complex technology, making maintenance more difficult. Maintenance procedures like cleaning and filter replacement are simple to complete, but duties requiring the disassembly of vital components should be left to an AC repair company. Working on machinery you’re unfamiliar with might easily result in further damage and expensive problems.

Minimizing Risks

The straightforward function of an air conditioner is to keep a Prescott, AZ home at a comfortable temperature. However, the system relies on chemical refrigerants and electrical wiring for its operation, which pose serious hazards to your safety. While tampering with electrical cables increases the risk of electrocution and fire, exposure to coolants can lead to respiratory issues. Hiring technicians that can handle the repair is the best choice in light of all these risks.


It is not easy for you to stay in a building that doesn’t have an HVAC system in the summer or winter. However, calling an AC repair technician to repair whatever the underlying problem might be will be able to restore the comfort of your home immediately. However, trying to fix the problem yourself or hiring an inexperienced technician may take more effort and time.


An air conditioning system is a sophisticated device with numerous functional parts. It takes specific expertise and training to identify why your HVAC system has a problem. Most air conditioning brands are familiar to technicians, who know where to check for trouble spots and what needs to be done to remedy them.

Getting Professional Advice

You may assess the effectiveness of your air conditioner using professional knowledge. Since every home is unique, it is necessary to understand the various air conditioning systems to handle and service them correctly. A professional AC repair company’s technician will advise you on the kind of air conditioner your household needs and how to use and maintain it. They might also offer advice on when and how to improve your air conditioning system to reduce energy usage and repair costs.

Has your AC motor malfunctioned? Don’t be tempted to repair it yourself. Instead, hire an AC repair company in Prescott, AZ that is licensed and has an excellent reputation. For AC motor replacements, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott.

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