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Get Ready For The Summer With An Air Conditioning Service | Flagstaff, AZ

Your air conditioning service plays a vital role in keeping you cool and safe during the long hot summer. When the air outside is over one hundred degrees and the humidity is just as high, you will be glad you are sitting cool inside your Flagstaff, AZ residence. But should your unit break down, life inside your home will soon get unbearable. If you are looking after young children, the elderly, or those who are ill, your stress levels are going to climb just as fast as the temperatures inside your home, and you need to find an AC repair company quickly.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott is frequently consulted by clients for our highly skilled specialists who are available around the clock and ready to assist you.

When to attend to your AC unit?

While we love to assist others, an air conditioning service call is preferable to be dispatched for an emergency repair. The best thing you can do for your air conditioner, in our opinion, is to schedule a yearly air conditioning service. Routine maintenance will guarantee that your appliance is running as smoothly and effectively as possible, reducing your energy costs.

You can only properly safeguard your AC in this way, and the air conditioning service pays for itself. All of our maintenance visits include the discovery of any component issues, giving you the opportunity to have them fixed right away rather than waiting until your equipment breaks down.

It could be just as crucial for you to feel more at ease knowing that fewer things will go wrong when you need your air conditioner the most. We advise making an appointment for the early spring so that you can choose a time that works for you and your unit will be in good condition for the long summer months in Flagstaff, AZ.

What’s included?

Several checks and adjustments are conducted, and the interior is completely cleaned and inspected throughout the service. The principal tasks done during an air conditioning service include the following:

  • Check the coolant levels
  • Clean the evaporator coils
  • Clean or replace dirty air filters
  • Check the fans
  • Clean any dirt from the condenser and cooling fins
  • Recalibrating the thermostats
  • Cleaning the AC drain line and pan
  • And many others

The importance of balanced coolant

The levels in your unit might have fallen due to a leak. Less heat will be absorbed from any warm air blown over it if the evaporator coils do not have adequate coolant. As a result, your home will be warmer since your unit will produce less cool air. An indication of low coolant levels is the formation of frost and ice on the coils.

Caring for evaporator coils

A sufficient amount of heat must be applied to the evaporator coils to prevent the coolant from freezing over. The same result will be achieved by cleaning off any dirt that has been collected on the coils. The coils will get insulated if there is any dust on them, which will lessen the heat transfer from the warm air to the coolant.

The coils will ultimately freeze if you do nothing, and your air conditioner will stop working. Depending on the weather in Flagstaff, AZ, it can take up to 24 hours or more before the coils can be used again. It’s best to schedule an air conditioning service to ensure the coils are carefully defrosted and ready to use once again.

Clean air filters

Any limitation of the warm airflow over the evaporator coils is another reason for frost and ice to develop. This can be caused by dirty air filters, which should be cleaned or changed on a regular basis. The air conditioning service we provide includes this task.

Are the fans okay?

Warm air from inside your home is drawn out and blown over the evaporator coils by a fan. The fan then sends the cooled air back into your house. If the fan is broken, less warm air will be blasted over the coils, which will result in less heat being absorbed by the coolant. This will decrease the quantity of cold air flowing from your unit by causing frost and ice to build up over the coils.

A second fan exposes the condenser and cooling fins to the ambient air. This helps to remove heat from the coolant.

Once more, a problem with this fan will impede airflow and lessen the heat removed from the coolant. As a result of the coolant being warmer, the evaporator coils can no longer absorb as much heat. The condenser may potentially heat up more, overheat, and malfunction making an air conditioning service more necessary.

Cleaning the condenser and cooling fins

Due to their outside location, the condenser and cooling fins will accumulate dust and filth. They may also develop moss and weeds; all of this growth must be eliminated. Any debris will create an insulating layer, slowing down how quickly heat is lost to the outside air. All of our air conditioning services include cleaning the condenser and fins.


Because the wrong temperature will be recorded and too much or too little cold air will be generated, a poorly calibrated thermostat will result in greater energy costs. Routine maintenance keeps those bills manageable.

AC drain line and pan

Warmer air may hold more moisture than cooler air. Any moisture in the air condenses when it cools into the water, which collects in the drain pan before moving through the AC drain line. If one of them is clogged, water will back up into the drain pan and into your appliance. There may be an electrical short as a result, necessitating an AC repair.

The cooler months are the perfect time for routine maintenance. It’s more affordable, and faster, and you’ll have peace of mind that when the mercury rises you’ll be all set to chill. Give One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott a call today for a free estimate!

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