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Diagnosing The Causes Of The AC Noises | Air Conditioner Repair | Prescott, AZ

The AC condenser is the square or rectangular box outside your home that connects to the indoor unit. It receives high-temperature and pressure coolant from the compressor and dissipates the heat carried by the refrigerant into the air. The air conditioner consists of a panel or a fan, and the external unit consists of the compressor. The compressor and the fan usually produce some noises, most of which you are familiar with. Today, the air conditioning units are shipped in a proofed material. During the installation, the air conditioner repair technician will properly mount all the required fasteners and fencing used for absorbing the vibration produced by the unit. Unfortunately, the system starts failing with time. Hence, you should be able to diagnose the unit’s noises and know when to call a technician. But where do the noises produced by your air conditioner come from?

The Fan Blades

When the fan blades in your air conditioner’s condenser hit a foreign object inside the unit continuously, they might bend. This means they will start producing a roaring sound whenever you turn on the unit. Hence, ensure an air conditioner repair technician inspects the fan blades whenever they come for a maintenance visit. Fan blades should always remain straight; the technician will straighten them using their advanced tools if bent. If the fan blades have become loose, the professional will align and tighten them properly. If either of the fan blades breaks, it might rub the fan housing, producing many screeching sounds. Fortunately, you can address and prevent these problems with a routine air conditioning service. The air conditioner repair professional will inform you if the fan blades are in the right state or need a repair or a replacement.

Foreign Objects

Has your air conditioner started making noises suddenly? Then you should check if foreign objects could have fallen into your unit. This mostly happens on the window air conditioning systems. Because the outer part of the window air conditioner hangs outside, flying debris, rodents, and insects might enter the unit. The sounds you hear are rodents, debris, or insects banging against the unit’s walls. Whenever you suspect or notice this, you should immediately have an air conditioner repair technician come for a further inspection and rodent-proofing your system. A group of lizards or rats might have entered the system and made a home there. The technician will remove them and any other foreign objects to ensure your home is heated without such predicaments. Remember, these rodents and lizards might die in the system, throwing a pungent smell that causes discomfort at your home.

The Front Grille

Do you regularly replace or clean your AC air filters? That means that you regularly remove the grille to access the component. The grilles are held in place in many AC units by simple locking mechanisms. If, after cleaning the filters, you don’t return the grille properly or even the locking mechanism becomes defective, the air conditioner starts vibrating, resulting in unexpected sounds whenever you turn it on. To eliminate this issue, turn off the AC, remove the grille, and set it back properly in place. If the locking mechanisms are damaged, you should enlist an air conditioner repair pro to help you buy another new grille and fix it in place.

Insufficient Lubrication

When were your motor, compressor, fans, and other mechanical components of your air conditioner lubricated last? If they are producing noise and you cannot recall the last time they were lubricated or even have an inspection, a lack of lubrication could be the reason for the noises. Have an air conditioner repair technician inspect the mechanical elements and the entire AC. Should the technician determine that the noise comes from the non-lubricated mechanical components, they will apply the lubricating oil to ensure the components can function efficiently. They will first turn the entire unit off to avoid switching the compressor or the motor.

The Compressor

The compressor is the most expensive part of your AC and does the most work. Hence, they are generally noisy. However, this doesn’t mean that they should be too loud. Since you might have been using the unit for some years, you should be able to determine when there is a problem because of the sound changes. If you notice uncharacteristic sounds from your compressor, turn off the unit and immediately contact your reliable air conditioner repair company. This is because the compressor could be worn out completely or worn out.


Air conditioners are heavy units, particularly the window ACs hung on a window. Additionally, they have many mechanical parts. If the installer does not mount them properly, they become prone to increased vibrations. These vibrations might damage the components of the system, necessitating expensive air conditioner repairs. They could also affect the structural integrity of your home. Have you noticed your window AC is vibrating a lot? It would be best to consider having the original installer or another professional check it.

How Much Noise is an AC Allowed to Make?

This sensitive topic depends on factors like model, age, weather conditions, or even the immediate environment. For instance, an old unit might produce louder noises than a newer model. Additionally, if the temperatures outdoors are too high and you have set the thermostat too low, the unit might struggle to cool your indoor space, producing the noises. Hence, you should check whether the manufacturer has included the unit’s noise levels somewhere on the unit. If you hear any uncharacteristic sounds, you should have the unit inspected by an air conditioner repair professional.

The most surefire sign that your AC has an underlying problem is when you hear it produce uncharacteristic noises. Does your unit have such sounds? Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott for a deeper inspection and repair. You will experience the best AC services.

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