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Benefits Of Having An Air Conditioner Installation Technician Install A Two-Stage Furnace In Your Home | Prescott Valley, AZ

Whenever looking to replace your furnace, there are several critical factors that you must consider. This includes the unit’s efficiency, the experience of the heating and air conditioner installation technician you are about to hire, and whether it is a two- or single-stage or modulating furnace. To help ensure that you have an easier choice, this article will explain the advantages of installing a two-stage furnace. We’ll also elaborate on how a two-stage furnace works to ensure that you have an easy time choosing between the different types.

How Does a Two-Stage Furnace Work?

Most gas furnaces installed in different homes are single-stage units, meaning they will only run at total/full power. Whenever the furnace is on, its gas valve fully opens and always produces maximum heat. The furnace continues running at full capacity until the set temperatures are reached, and the unit turns off. However, they require maintenance by an experienced air conditioner installation technician to function efficiently.

On the other hand, two-stage furnaces have two running modes. They can run at low power and high power. The low setting is about 60-70%, while the high power setting is always at 100%. The two-stage furnaces use a 3-way gas valve to run or operate at low power. In single-stage furnaces, the gas valve only has two settings, fully closed or open. A three-way gas valve in a two-stage furnace also features an additional setting in which the valve is partially open. Hence, if you want a furnace that runs on different modes, you should have an air conditioner installation technician install a two-stage furnace.

The mechanism above reduces the volume of gas that flows into the furnace and the heat level created at any particular time. As a result, the furnace generally runs longer and produces less heat. Whenever a two-stage furnace starts, if at first runs at lower settings. The furnace will often only operate at a lower setting on milder days. This is among the factors that make two-stage furnaces a suitable choice for hot areas. Hence, look no further if you want a unit that properly serves your Prescott Valley, AZ home. Have an air conditioner installation technician install a two-stage furnace unit. The furnace would frequently run at full power on colder days in northern latitudes.

It’s crucial to realize that a two-stage heater differs from a modulating or variable-speed furnace. Both kinds of units have a lower operating speed, but they operate in different ways. A two-stage furnace only reduces the gas flow. In contrast, furnaces with variable speeds can also reduce the blower fan’s speed. Additionally, they have over two settings and may typically operate at capacities ranging from 40% to 100%. Now that the technical details have been cleared up let’s examine the advantages of two-stage furnaces.

Longer Lifespan

It is even more critical that you retain an air conditioner installation technician to service the two-stage furnace after every two years because they operate for longer periods. If not, the additional time will put the HVAC blower under more strain and could shorten its lifespan. The lifespan of two-stage furnaces is normally a little longer than that of single-stage furnaces.

The key factor is that the furnace is subjected to less strain and wear and tear by operating slower. The furnace not going off and on as frequently is the other factor. When turning on, furnaces and other air conditioning systems often work substantially harder during the initial few seconds. This strain and general wear and tear are decreased by reducing the frequency of furnace on/off cycles.

More Consistent and Even Heating

Your furnace regularly turns off and on, causing larger temperature swings, another problem. This issue causes some sections of the house to consistently remain significantly hotter or cooler than other areas, especially in multi-story buildings. The system will frequently turn off before your house reaches the desired temperature. Because of this, the lower floors and rooms near the outside of the building are constantly colder.

The only way to get around this problem if you use a single-stage furnace is to raise the thermostat setting, which may make other building areas uncomfortable. Since they’ll continue to create less heat rather than just running for a couple of minutes at full blast, two-stage furnaces can aid in the elimination of these issues. As a result, the heating and temperatures will be more uniform throughout the structure. Therefore, this is an appliance that you should have an air conditioner installation technician install at your home.

Quieter Operation

The other main benefit of a two-stage furnace is that it operates silently, producing less noise than single-stage furnaces. The single-stage furnaces produce a lot of noise as the gas within the unit ignites first. This usually is different for a two-stage furnace, as it will always start running at a lower setting. Since it isn’t working hard, the system will also produce less noise. Hence, if you need to operate in a quiet environment, you should consider calling an air conditioner installation technician and having them install a two-stage furnace at your Prescott Valley, AZ home.

Greater Indoor Air Quality

Do you want an improved IAQ? Have an air conditioner installation technician install a two-stage thermostat at your home. They have air filters that remove airborne contaminants, ensuring a greater or improved indoor air quality. Eliminating dust, pet dander, hair, dust mites, and other allergens ensures that your home is comfortable and that you are inhaling clean, safe air.

There are many types of furnaces, and each has its advantages. However, a two-stage furnace is best suited for residential purposes. Has any of the above benefits caught your eye, and would you want one installed at your Prescott Valley, AZ home? Call us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott, your reliable and experienced air conditioner installation company.

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