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Benefits Of Having An AC Repair Company Install A Microchannel HVAC Heat Exchanger | Sedona, AZ

Do you know how cooling or heating of your indoor air happens? If you are curious, then you know. An HVAC is a system or a combination of many different components working towards ensuring that your home is comfortable during the summer and winter. However, heat exchange is the underlying principle in heating and cooling, and an HVAC system features a heat exchanger.

With the ever-changing technological advancements in materials design, there are new heat exchangers that an AC repair pro can install in your HVAC unit to ensure that it is efficient and able to cool or heat the air within no time. One such heat exchanger is the microchannel heat exchanger. The component has gained popularity quickly for its many benefits, and you should have an AC Repair company install one at your home.

They Have a High Heat Transfer Ratio

An HVAC microchannel heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger that uses small channels, typically 0.5 mm to 1 mm in diameter, to transfer heat between the air and refrigerant. These channels are much smaller than those found in traditional heat exchangers, which allows for higher heat transfer ratios due to the increased surface area-to-volume ratio, meaning that your home will be efficiently cooled. Hence, have an AC repair company in Sedona, AZ replace your old heat exchangers with microchannel heat exchangers.

An HVAC microchannel heat exchanger’s high heat transfer ratio is achieved through enhanced surface area-to-volume ratios. The small channels create a large surface area for heat transfer to occur while the volume of the fluid remains relatively small. This allows for more efficient heat transfer between the fluids, resulting in higher heat transfer ratios.

In addition, the small channels also allow for the use of high heat transfer coefficients. The high heat transfer coefficients are achieved through forced convection, where a pump or fan moves the fluids through the channels. This increases the heat transfer rate and further improves the heat transfer ratio. Hence, this is a great improvement to your HVAC system, and you should consult your AC repair technician about upgrading.

They Have Low Airside Drops in Pressure

The other significant benefit of having an AC repair company install a microchannel heat exchanger in your HVAC system is that its airside resistance is relatively low compared to a conventional HVAC coil design. Comparing the microchannel heat exchangers to the 6-row finned tube ones with a similar capacity and size will show that the modern microchannel ones have fewer drops in airside pressure. Hence, it reduces the power consumption by the fan and the noise levels. Hence, if you are overburdened by the cooling or heating costs, having an AC repair company install this component could save you a fortune.

Close Approach Temperatures

One important factor in the performance of a microchannel heat exchanger is the close approach temperature. As Explained above, a microchannel heat exchanger is efficient. However, the features that make it highly efficient also enable it to reach close approach temperatures. But what are close approach temperatures? This is the difference in temperature between the air and the refrigerant in your HVAC system as they enter the heat exchanger. The smaller the close approach temperature, the more efficient the heat transfer will be, meaning that you could save a fortune by having an AC repair company install them at your home.

The microchannel heat exchanger may use various techniques to achieve a low, close approach temperature. These can include pre-heating or pre-cooling the refrigerant and the air before they enter the heat exchanger, using high heat transfer coefficients to increase the heat transfer rate, and using control strategies to optimize the flow of fluids through the heat exchanger.

Compact Design, Smaller Sizes

A microchannel heat exchanger with a width of about 32mm tube can provide as much performance as a six-row finned tube with the same surface area. An AC repair technician can use a less costly and smaller microchannel heat exchanger to replace the traditional heat exchanger with fewer rows. Based on the application, this also may allow an increase in the heat exchange area. This leads to improved efficiency and a drastic rise in the performance of your air conditioning system. Hence, you should have an AC repair company in Sedona, AZ use it as a replacement component.

High Corrosion Resistance

A microchannel heat exchanger is a highly efficient device used in HVAC systems to transfer heat between the refrigerant and the air. It comprises a series of tiny channels through which the refrigerant flows, picking up heat from the air and releasing it on the other. One key advantage of having an AC repair company install a microchannel heat exchanger is its high corrosion resistance. This means it can withstand the corrosive effects of the refrigerant and other substances it may come into contact with, such as moisture and air. This is important because corrosion can cause damage to the heat exchanger, reducing its efficiency and eventually leading to failure.

Microchannel heat exchangers are typically made from materials resistant to corrosion, such as aluminum or stainless steel, to achieve high corrosion resistance. These materials can withstand the corrosive effects of the refrigerant and other substances, ensuring that the heat exchanger remains in good condition and continues to operate efficiently over time. The design of the microchannel heat exchanger also plays a role in its corrosion resistance. The channels are carefully designed to prevent the buildup of moisture and other substances that can cause corrosion. The heat exchanger is sealed to prevent air and moisture from entering. However, you must still enlist an AC repair company for routine maintenance.

Do you want an efficient heat exchanger? Then have an AC repair company in Sedona, AZ install a microchannel heat exchanger. To have one installed at your home, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott.

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