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Averting AC Fires Through Timely Air Conditioner Repairs And Regular Maintenance | Prescott, AZ

The air conditioning system has become an important feature of many modern homes that you probably come across daily. With the global warming effects, there is no way that you can endure the entire summer without cooling your indoor air. This is where the air conditioning system comes in. The unit not only cools your air but also ensures it has the required humidity levels. It also removes those contaminants that lower indoor air quality. But did you know that an improperly functioning AC unit could cause a fire at your home?

Air conditioner fires are more common than you might have possibly thought. In a 2016 report, it was determined that AC fires account for about 140 injuries and 20 deaths per year. The same report determined that AC fires amounted to $82 million yearly for property damage. The report determined that overheating was among the leading causes of AC fires. Hence, timely air conditioner repairs and routine AC maintenance could play a critical role in averting these fires. Below are the steps you can take to avert air conditioning fire risks at your home.

Routine Air Conditioning Service

Not properly maintaining your air conditioning system will easily lead to an AC fire. This is because dirt and debris will obstruct the airflow. Additionally, components of your system will start to fail because they are straining to compensate for the efficiency problems brought about by the dirt. An overworking air conditioner is also at risk of overheating. Hence, it is recommended that a professional come to your home twice or once per year for AC maintenance. You should also have timely air conditioner repairs should your system run into a problem.

But in what seasons do air conditioning units easily catch fire? Simple answer, summer. Because summer is the hottest part/season of the year, the unit works non-stop to ensure your home is properly protected. This exposes it to overheating. As a result, it might catch fire, or its components might wear out and necessitate an air conditioner repair. Having your air conditioner serviced before or beginning of summer is best. It ensures that the unit can serve you for the entire summer without any glitches and helps avert any risk of an AC fire when you need your system.

Professional installation

Averting air conditioner fires means taking preventive steps from the beginning. Therefore, it is recommended that you hire a licensed and experienced air conditioner repair professional or company in Prescott, AZ, to install the AC unit in your home. There are many advantages of entrusting the air conditioner installation to a professional. However, the key advantage is that they can safely install it since they know how and where to place the unit’s wiring. Additionally, if you have a window air conditioner, they will bird-proof it to ensure that birds don’t nest there and precipitate an Ac fire.

Beware of the Wiring and Outdoor Elements

Hiring a professional is just a step in a long process. Besides installing the air conditioning system properly, they also will take steps to ensure that the area surrounding the AC doesn’t have any flammable objects close. Additionally, it is recommended that you never use an extension cord to power the air conditioning system. This is because the unit overheats in such a case and might produce sparks that could ignite a fire. Always ensure that your air conditioning system is installed in a safe place.

It means the system should not be in a deck that might turn it into a fire hazard. Further, ensure that you have timely air conditioner repairs should you notice any signs that your unit has run into a problem. All these can be done by hiring a professional technician to install and maintain the AC unit. It might sound like an added expense, but it ensures your family is protected and kept safe from a risk of an HVAC fire.

Keep the AC Unit It Clean

This is a crucial step in the routine maintenance you should provide your air conditioner. Ensure the airflow is not obstructed by a dirty filter filled with waste. Ensure that your AC unit is unplugged if you wish to complete this by yourself. However, DIY AC repairs aren’t recommended. After that, you can check to see if the fan and air filter are clean. Keeping an AC clean will help you avoid an air conditioning fire and lower your expenditures. You can ask an air conditioner repair professional to visit your home and clean it if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself. The benefit of doing it this way is that your air conditioner will be safe and clean.

Don’t Leave the Unit Running All Day

As previously said, leaving the AC unit running all day results in overheating. This is one of the key factors in home fires. Although you want to keep your Prescott, AZ, home cool that summer, turning off your unit during the hottest times of the day is advisable because you don’t want it to overheat. Instead, you may turn on the air conditioning a few hours beforehand to create a fresh atmosphere in your house. Turning off the system prevents overheating, meaning that you’ll not have to seek air conditioner repairs because components will remain in good shape.

Know When It’s Time to Replace the AC Unit

Even with routine maintenance, the air conditioner will eventually begin to age. This means components like the blower motor will degrade and stop operating. To know when to replace your air conditioner, you must know how old your unit is. Ask an air conditioner repair technician to help you replace the unit when that time finally comes.

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