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Addressing The Cause Of Ductwork Damage | AC Repair | Prescott Valley, AZ

Have you installed a central air conditioning system? Most homes do. Hence, this should not come as a surprise. Like most other homeowners, your HVAC relies on carefully installed air ducts that run the conditioned air into different sections of your home. The air ducts, like your heating and air conditioning unit, also require maintenance. This is to ensure your air conditioning system functions efficiently. Poorly maintained air ducts are prone to blockages, mold growth, excessive sweating, and air leaks, which can impact the system’s efficiency and cost you a lot in the long run. Thus, you should have your trusted AC repair technician include air duct inspection and cleaning in their air conditioning service. To help you steer clear of these causes, this blog discusses five of the most common reasons for ductwork damage.

Duct Age

Whether your ducts are composed of hard plastic, metal, or some softer flex material, they will wear out with age. Constant contraction and expansion occur when hot and cold air passes through your air ducts. This will make even the most climate and weather-resistant materials eventually brittle and old, resulting in holes, gaps, and cracks. The AC repair technician will check for such issues during the maintenance visit.

Great ductwork should be able to serve you for over 20+ years, especially with regular inspections, cleaning, and having an AC repair technician fix any issues that arise promptly. But if it has been long since a professional inspected the air ducts, there is a high chance of lots of damage. This could be why your unit cannot sufficiently cool or heat your home and cost you a fortune in the long run.

Heavy Impact

Some sections of your ducts could have been crushed or collapsed at one time. This particularly holds for the segments of your air ducts running through your garage where things are kept near or on top of exposed air ducts. The heavy impact can result in complete collapsing or dents in some sections. As a result, a lot of air and energy is lost. This is one of the reasons why you should have an AC repair technician regularly inspect and service the air ducts.

However, collapsing and crushing don’t always immediately happen. You might believe placing objects on your air ducts is secure and reliable. But, over time and with continued use, the material becomes more and more fragile, and a portion may finally give way under the weight placed on top of it. As a good practice, you should never place anything over your duct system since the weight may crush the ducts and obstruct the airflow.


Professional air duct cleaning and inspection by your reliable AC repair technician can help detect and eliminate all ductwork problems. Hence, the most considerable factor determining the health of your air ducts and how long they can serve you is how regularly you invest in professional maintenance. Those homeowners that neglect maintenance may experience larger problems down the line. If you don’t have your air ducts cleaned by a professional, you could experience rampant mold growth in your neglected air ducts. Additionally, dust accumulation could damage your air conditioner, furnace, and other HVAC system components. Thus, ensure that you have yearly annual air duct inspections to avoid costly AC repairs in the future.

Pest Intrusion

Pests and rodents enjoy the warmth and moisture in your air ducts. Unfortunately, most of these pests and rodents will make nests within the air ducts, especially if they find points of entry outside. The pests posing the largest threat to your air ducts include raccoons, mice, and squirrels. Raccoons and rodents might chew through the insulation of your air ducts, thin sections of the air ducts, and vent covers. When this happens, you should have an AC repair technician re-insulate the ducts and cover the vents. The raccoons can even collapse air duct sections because of their weight. The rodents use flammable materials such as dried twigs and leave them to build their nests, and could pose fire hazards, especially after trapping heat.


Many materials are used to make air ducts, from fiberglass and fiberboard to galvanized steel and aluminum sheets. Sheet metal is often chosen as it is flexible and affordable. Its smooth surfaces are easy to clean. Unfortunately, these benefits have a downside; sheet metal is rust-prone. Rust might develop in the air ducts, especially when they are sweaty or the air passing through them has a high moisture content. The moisture from the air condensing in your air ducts will have nowhere to go. Hence, it settles within the air ducts and begins oxidizing the metal sheets it comes into contact. Hence, your ducts might spring leaks because of corrosion. Unless an AC repair technician patches them, you could experience low indoor air quality and high energy utility bills.


Major mold colonies can thrive and spread rapidly in organic materials like wood or drywall ducts, which can be a serious concern for your home. Besides having detrimental health impacts, toxic black mold also can weaken the structure of your air ducts, slowly eating away at it. Because mold is a fungal parasite that feeds on the carbon found in these organic materials to thrive and grow, it might swiftly spread throughout your ductwork and necessitate the replacement of a sizable portion of it. Thus, it is recommended that an AC repair technician inspect and clean the air ducts to remove the mold and extend the lifespan of your air ducts.

Duct maintenance services such as inspection and cleaning ensure air ducts serve your home longer. Do you need a duct inspection, cleaning, or repair? Trust us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Prescott for whatever duct service. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today. We will give you a free consultation.

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