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AC Repair Company’s Tips To Maintain Your Air Conditioner This Summer | Prescott, AZ

Almost 87 percent of U.S. households use air conditioners to relieve the high temperatures, especially during the scorching summers, preventing numerous heat-related illnesses. Energy consumption for operating air conditioning units in a home multiplies from 12 to 27 percent when the days are too hot and humid.

The high energy usage might be due to dirty filters, filthy duct leaks, reduced refrigerant levels, lack of maintenance, and poor installation, making them work extremely hard to provide the much-desired coolness. Even though it is wise to have the units serviced before summer sets in, you might have to keep the system healthy throughout summer.

The worst thing that can happen when the temperatures are unbearably high is a system failure, causing you to seek emergency services from the nearest AC repair company. You can avoid this dire situation by keeping your air conditioning system running smoothly using the following tips.

Change or Clean Air Filters

Air filters are responsible for filtering out dirt from the air entering the air conditioning unit for clean and healthy indoor air quality. The versatile air filtration systems range from sub-high and medium efficiency to coarse air filters, capturing air particles, airborne contaminants, and large particles to protect the air conditioner from sudden breakdown.

As the filters do what they do best, they are at high risk of clogging, leading to surging energy bills, inadequate cooling, poor air quality, frozen coils, and overheating systems. For that reason, cleaning air filters in the summer is one way of keeping them running seamlessly for longer. You can make a maintenance plan with a reliable AC repair company to send qualified HVAC contractors to change dirty filters regularly.

Clean the Area Surrounding Outdoor System

The condensing unit outside removes heat from your house using the heat exchange process to cool your space for comfort. The outdoor environment has debris, dust, weeds, grass, leaves, dirt, or stones that can enter the condenser, leading to a failed unit that might need fast and exceptional services from a reputable AC repair company in Prescott, AZ. Once the dirt gets to the condenser and evaporator coils, it compromises the ability of the system to suck warm for your house.

Therefore, it is best to ensure the place where the unit has debris, dirt, and other pollutants to prevent high utility bills due to straining to provide adequate cool conditioned air. Maintaining a clean environment around the condenser during summer can make your house cozy for the longest time without possible failure.

Schedule Periodic Maintenance Checks

You can also maintain healthy air conditioning equipment by hiring an AC repair company to inspect your system every once in a while to ensure every component is in good working condition.

The hired contractor can check the refrigerant levels to ascertain it is at the factory-set limit, check and clean the filters, tighten any loose screws and examine the functioning compressors, coils, and air handlers.

Since your AC will be operational during summer, the maintenance process should be quick to avoid interrupting the comfortable indoor temperatures. If you have a ceiling fan, you can switch it on as the technician from the AC repair company tunes up the unit for peak performance.

Seal Openings and Gaps

One of the primary culprits of high energy bills is drafty windows and doors that allow conditioned air to escape, forcing the system to overwork in providing sufficient coolness. A trustworthy Prescott, AZ, AC repair company can check for cracks in walls and gaps in windows and doors and use suitable materials to seal them.

The pro can also recommend the installation of energy-efficient windows with two or three panes of glass to prevent outside air from entering and conditioned cool air from going outside.

Give the Air Conditioner a Break

It’s important to let your air conditioning unit rest for a while. You can do so by planning an outdoor outing for swimming or beach vacations for you and your loved ones to give the AC a break.

The Environmental Protection Agency advises homeowners to set the thermostat temperatures at 78 degrees during the daytime, 82 degrees at night, and 85 degrees when no one is at home to prevent high energy bills.

If you are a forgetful type, it is better to go for a programmable or smart thermostat. A professional from a local AC repair company in Prescott, AZ, can guide you on setting the temperatures in your device once, and it will make automatic adjustments.

Check and Clean Vents

Another tip experts can recommend to keep your AC healthy is inspecting and cleaning the ductwork. Ducts are notorious for harboring a lot of dirt, including rodents, dust, debris, and molds, especially if left without tune-ups and if they have gaps.

With that in mind, you should always hire an HVAC technician to clean the system at least once during the summer season to ensure clean air circulation. A professional from a reliable AC repair company can also seal any gaps in the ducts to avoid warm and cold spots in your home.

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The most important thing during summer in Arizona is to ensure your aircon is 100 percent operational to enhance comfort for your loved ones. Cleaning the area around the outdoor unit, avoiding the frequent opening and closing of doors and windows, and sealing identified gaps are some ways to enhance the performance of your air conditioner without increasing energy costs.

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